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WE shift back to the above men­tioned play and pick it up from the point where we stopped last year.

Clopas per­suades his wife Shamiso to take the bit­ter con­coc­tion he got from Sekuru.

The cou­ple, that is Clopas and his wife Shamiso, are des­per­ate to have a child hence they are try­ing both tra­di­tional and modern meth­ods. Clopas is for tra­di­tional meth­ods as he coaxes his wife to try the bit­ter con­coc­tion as Sekuru said that it is so be­cause it cleans up her womb and tubes.

Even­tu­ally, Shamiso suc­cumbs to Clopas’s per­sua­sion and tries the herbs. She downs the full con­tents and starts moan­ing to the shock of her hus­band who asks if she is al­right. She ap­pears weak and he asks her to hold on to him. He is un­easy and of­fers to do what Shamiso has not asked of him. “I’ll do the dishes.

Do you want a cup of tea?” Shamiso con­tin­ues moan­ing and warns Clopas that if any­thing hap­pens to her he will know what to tell her peo­ple.

In the mid­dle of that com­mo­tion the cou­ple gets un­ex­pected vis­i­tors — the Church Woman and Church Man. Th­ese two greet Shamiso and Clopas and in the Bib­li­cal fash­ion state their mis­sion to that house. The Church Man de­clares to the cou­ple that God has sent them to their house to talk to them and the Church Woman adds that it is very ur­gent. When Shamiso asks them from which church they come from, the Church Man re­sponds with a flour­ish declar­ing that their church has no la­bel.

He makes it clear that they are not like any of the known ortho­dox churches like the Ro­man Catholic, the Angli­can Church or the As­sem­bly of God, the Lutheran Church or the Methodist Church. The list goes on to al­most men­tion all the ortho­dox churches. The Church Woman is more spe­cific say­ing they are the Church of the Holy Spirit. They speak highly of God as we hear the Church Man say­ing they wor­ship God di­rectly and he speaks di­rectly to them.

It is al­ways the case with wor­ship­pers of dif­fer­ent de­nom­i­na­tions. They claim to be the best of all and holier than oth­ers. The coin­ci­dence is that such peo­ple al­ways tackle the des­per­ate. Clopas and his wife Shamiso were very des­per­ate to have a child and it was com­mon knowl­edge to ev­ery­body in their com­mu­nity. Then comes th­ese so called church peo­ple who claim to have been sent by God.

Ob­vi­ously, in de­spair Clopas and his wife Shamiso will give ear to what th­ese peo­ple are say­ing as they claim to bear good tid­ings to solve their prob­lem.

Were re­ally th­ese church peo­ple sent by God to talk to this cou­ple? They cam­paign strongly for their cause as they claim to wor­ship God di­rectly and he speaks to them di­rectly.

The Church Woman tells the cou­ple that God has re­vealed to them their prob­lem which they know, and has sent them to guide them away from im­mi­nent evil. The Church Man adds a punch say­ing God has told them about the one thing the cou­ple so badly de­sires in their lives at this mo­ment. God sent them to pray for them to find it without fall­ing prey to evil.

They then ask to pray for Clopas and Shamiso. Clopas and Shamiso are very des­per­ate for a child and are there­fore vul­ner­a­ble to any method which can be of­fered to help them have a child. Shamiso was hes­i­tant to take Sekuru’s con­coc­tion be­cause of un­be­lief on tra­di­tional meth­ods of help­ing her out, but, re­luc­tantly takes through en­cour­age­ment from Clopas. In the end it is con­fus­ing as to which power is go­ing to re­sult in Shamiso’s preg­nancy.

The church peo­ple pray thank­ing God for guid­ing them to that house and bring­ing them face to face with what they call God’s two ser­vants and for driv­ing the devil from their door. All what th­ese church peo­ple are say­ing is to woo them over to their re­li­gion and make them be­lieve what is be­ing said, whether true or false. It is easy to win peo­ple to your side. This is by telling them what they want to hear. Those who want a child, tell them that in­deed they will get a child.

We have here the Church Man and the Church Woman pray­ing to God for giv­ing Clopas and Shamiso the strength and courage to let them in­side their house and for giv­ing them the wis­dom to lis­ten to his rev­e­la­tions. They ask the Lord to en­ter their hearts and drive out all un­clean thoughts and in­ten­tions.

They chal­lenge the Lord Je­sus to show his power at that very mo­ment and grant the young cou­ple their wish and make them see His great shin­ing kind­ness and glory. This is a killer blow from the re­li­gious side. How­ever, re­mem­ber shortly be­fore that Shamiso has al­ready taken Sekuru’s bit­ter con­coc­tion? When the preg­nancy man­i­fests it­self af­ter this, which pow­ers won the day? Only time will tell.

The drama con­tin­ues af­ter this. Re­view of the book; Har­vest of Thorns Clas­sic: A play by Shim­mer Chin­odya. For views link with charles­[email protected] or sms 0772113207.

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