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Moyana falls on hard times . . . abandons music for traditiona­l healing

- Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspond­ent

CONTROVERS­IAL lyricist Jacob Moyana who rose to fame with his song “Munotidako” has fallen on hard times The Herald Review has leant.

According to a relative, the musician has now turned into a traditiona­l healer.

“Things have just gone bad for him and he is now a traditiona­l healer,” he said.

The relative, who refused to be named, said the musician had no permanent place and he is moving from one place to another healing patients afflicted by different ailments.

“He is going around with his works across the country. He has since left Chiredzi and we don’t know where he is now based,” he said.

He said things fell apart when he left Harare last year.

“He came back here after spending time and his money in Harare. That time he was still popular. We were surprised to see him coming back here,” he said.

Contacted for comment Moyana issued contradict­ing statements but later toned down, claiming that he was assisting his wife who is a prophet.

At first the musician said he was trying other avenues to complement his source of income before he confirmed that the duo was healing people.

“I have not fallen on hard times but I am just doing other things to have several sources of income.

“I am assisting my wife, she is the one who is a prophet and things are just good for us.

“Tirikutowa­na mbudzi nemari naizvozvo zvekubatsi­ra vanhu, tinochemei? (We are getting money and goats because of that job)” he quipped.

He added that he was still in the music industry and he was working on another album.

“I have relocated to a place where I am playing music every Friday. I will give you the phone number of the guy who is sponsoring the shows,” he said.

Moyana rose to fame with his song “Munotidako” that was immediatel­y dismissed by critics, who accused him of being an attention seeking run-ofthe-mill artist.

Though the song was dismissed for its dirty lyrics the musician became the darling of many music lovers, with some promoters jostling to give him a slot at their joints.

Overnight, he became a sought-after musician, holding live shows and at one time received standing ovation after performing at a sungura gala held in Harare two years ago.

So sought after was his services that a local promoter reportedly funded his stay in Harare for close to a year.

His second album “Yava Nguva Yeduzvino” failed to make an impact on the local scene with pundits saying the misfortune came as a result of his dirty lyrics.

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Jacob Moyana

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