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How profession­al men should dress

Welcome to another fashionabl­e weekend. Last week, we focused on women — how to dress well for work and how to look successful in your profession­al clothes.

- Tafadzwa Zimoyo

MY INBOX was loaded with messages from women thanking me for guidance while others had their own to share about what women know best when it comes to dressing well at work.

Many said the problem is men who do not even know how to distinguis­h classy, casual and cosy attire.

I may then beg to differ because as one of the men, representi­ng many on dressing well, I can say things are changing and this era I owe it to men as they are embracing fashion compared to the 19th century.

Remember the world is your runway, when it comes to fashion we check on you women daily at work, church and home especially how you dress for success.

The debate is 50 /50 on who wore it best or is best dressed at work because of various aspects such as colour, style of clothing, fitting and confidence.

Let me get down to men’s closet-business, this week the focus is on men how to pull it through at work.

Good thing is we’re still in the spirit of New Year and we start together on fashion tips.

Don’t be left out and don’t dominate the worst dressed awards at the end of the year.

Enough said, well we are a long way from the Don Draper era, when men were expected to wear the same grey suit everyday to the office, day in, day out.

With most offices today having a more relaxed approach to dress codes, the doors have opened on a whole new world of sartorial options.

Clothing does not make the man but the right clothing can give a young man precious seconds to make his case and influence others.

A young lawyer, consultant, medical profession­al, or journalist needs to understand this.

Unfortunat­ely, that new world comes with a price — outfit anxiety.

It’s a grim moment when you open up your closet and realise there’s nothing you want to wear.

As we turn young adults we discover the perfect style of clothing that suits us

We become highly knowledgea­ble on how to dress for particular occasions.

A person’s success begins the moment someone looks at them and their appearance.

Thus one has to learn the art of making an impression on people by their attire and looks.

Men should master in the art of making an impression, as it surely has a positive impact on your career and business.

According to, factors of complete appearance include colour, style and the fit.

Colour affects the people’s corporal and psychology.

Remember each colour communicat­es a message and contains an impact of its own.

How well you are able to put them together will convey your message.

The dark colours like black, navy and dark grey shades will imply psychologi­cally power, knowledge, responsibi­lity and success. White denotes cleanness, formality and sophistica­tion.

Avoid brown as the colour brown indicates that you are reliable and firm.

However, it even implies that you do not have power and authority. It is better to avoid brown and looking less influentia­l.

Pastels symbolise femininity and softness.

The business arena is not an exception for this fact.

Style plays a vital role if you want to display power and profession­alism.

When clothes fit you well, it appears as if they were made for you.

You look more powerful when you wear a suit coat with long sleeves, faintly padded shoulders, which adds authority, plus a collar. Pleats would add bulk. To provide you an illusion of heights wear classical three-buttoned jackets.

The men and women who have average height can wear single-breasted jackets.

The double-breasted jackets match the taller people.

Golden rule you need to know is that when you wear clothes that are not fitting well, or are torn, or messy, it displays a deprived sense of self worth.

Through what people see outside of you, they get a picture of your inside. Impression is in the summit and so it helps people comprehend what is the reflection of your inner self.

Men lack self respect when they wear clothes that do not suit them.

One must understand and accept their body shapes.

The manner in which you carry yourself speaks the confidence you hold to the people.

What you wear equally shows confidence in you.

Your aim always must be to generate an aura of confidence and assertiven­ess as you walk into a room full of people. When you are comfortabl­e in particular attire, you are confident about yourself.

Thus allow your attire to contribute its part.

You must appear organised in your clothing style and the choice of colour.

You must have a cohesive look from head to toe, not just summoning attention to a single particular part of your attire. The recruiters judge organisati­onal skills by the appearance of a prospect.

One thing still some men find it difficult in fashion is paying attention to the detail.

Only the 90 percent of your body implies business as you are clothed, the rest of the 100 percent of your impact can be made through accurate grooming.

It comprises of trimmed moustache and beard, manicured nails, clean, neat and attractive style of hair plus appro- priate accessorie­s.

You ought to know that all the businesses permits you to at least personalis­e a little.

Take the advantage of it and portray your uniqueness by wearing a special tie, using matching handkerchi­ef, scarf or an exclusive piece of jewellery.

Perhaps you speak your uniqueness by the way you tie around your scarf or the way you use a hankie matching to your shirt or suit.

Since the advent of internet, clothing for the workplace has turned a bit more casual in few profession­s while others still remain very conservati­ve.

Remember you must dress up to reflect your job.

Whenever you go out for shopping you must take into account what is your company’s dress code, casual, fashionabl­e or conservati­ve.

Men must spend more in blazers and shirts on the other hand women must invest more in shoes, belts and purses.

I couldn’t help it when my colleague said men should also dress according to age.

Yes, she was right because many profession­als make the blunder of wearing like the young, revealing on part of the women and frat boyish on the part of men.

Conversely, some wear like the old to appear more profession­al.

Never forget to dress as per your age and let your brain and work speak for your profession­alism.

You must have at least one good suit in the closet.

No matter what your job is, you’re going to need a decent suit at some point.

Don’t forget that apart from having a suit, you need to build from white and blue shirts.

White and light blue shirts are the backbone to a sharp wardrobe.

I think I have put my judgment fair enough on how to dress for success and best at work.

Till next week, enjoy fashion Saturday.

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 ??  ?? The grey suit should be in every man's wardrobe
The grey suit should be in every man's wardrobe
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