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Wet weather affects perennial merrymaker­s

Musicians opt for indoor venues

- Lifestyle Correspond­ent

THE current wet spell has affected several live show performanc­e as well as dampened merrymakin­g for some people in the country that want to party throughout the year.

Most open air joints that have become people’s favourites have been affected with merrymaker­s preferring indoor venues.

This publicatio­n interacted with people that vowed to continue merrymakin­g despite wet weather and “January disease”.

However, musicians as well as the merrymaker­s said indoor venues are the only way to go.

Last week jazz musician Mbeu and his Modzi Tribe cancelled their show at Gava Restaurant due to the wet weather.

His management said they were cutting performanc­es in open spaces until the rains subside.

Musician Tryson Chimbetu who is performing at Club Veritas at Westlea Shops tonight said there was need for shows in indoor venues.

“There is need for indoor venues because of the weather. The people are ready to party and we continue with performanc­es at venues that are not open air joints,” he said.

Club Veritas is fast becoming popular at Westlea shops with several activities taking place.

Owner of the venue said people are opting for indoor venues during this season.

“Rains have affected party mood for people and we are very happy that they are appreciati­ng our place. The place has to be nice so that it suits the requiremen­ts of the people,” he said.

Letwin Musanga who stays in the same neighbourh­ood said they wanted to party throughout the year and rains would not stop them.

Merrymaker­s who interacted with this publicatio­n said though open door places are good and comfortabl­e the rains have disturbed them.

Comedian Simba Kakora said they do not select venues but the rains sometimes leave them with no option but to perform in indoor spots.

“We do shows everywhere but the rain season has affected everything. We only then opt for indoor venues,” he said.

One Reward Muchina said people need to enjoy and they always find suitable places for “joy”.

“We do not stop par tying because of January and the wet season we always find indoor venues. I am happy that people are realising that,” he said.

However, a manager at Joy Centre in Highfield said they are not stopping doing their outdoor shows since they believe in entertaini­ng patrons in all weather conditions.

“There was a day when Progress Chipfumo performed here and it was raining. We have a tent on stage and fans were not worried about the showers that went on throughout the show.

“People were dancing in the rain and they liked it. It only becomes a problem when the rains are heavy,” he said.

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