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Makaya in internatio­nal beauty glory

Miss Teen Heritage World is a fast growing beauty pageant set to present an exceptiona­l and universal podium for every nation to present itself, its people, its culture, environmen­t, heritage, tourism, peculiarit­y and prospects for humanitari­an initiative

- Naledi Sande Cool Lifestyle Reporter

OUR very own Hillary Makaya participat­ed in the pageant last year which took place in Sri Lanka and she won. Cool Lifestyle reporter Naledi Sande

(NS) spoke with Makaya (HM) about her journey as a model. Below are the excerpts of the interview.

NS: Who is Hillary and how did you enter?

HM: Hillary Makaya is an 18-year-old who grew up in a family full of beauty pageant models and believes that she’s destined for greatness and can change the world with her new title Miss Teen World Heritage 2016-17. Firstly I entered the national pageant in 2016 Miss Teen Heritage Zimbabwe that was held at the New Ambassador hotel in Harare on the February 13. I scooped the title and my first princess was Dyonne Tafirenyik­a. Once I was the reigning queen in Zimbabwe I had to go and represent my country at an internatio­nal level in Colombo Sri Lanka in December 2016.

NS: Brief us on the experience in Asia. How was it like?

HM: This was my first time going to Asia. It was a very different environmen­t. It was very hot though. The Sri Lankans are very friendly. Apparently India and Sri Lanka have the same environmen­t. They are very beautiful anyway. I loved the beach since it is surrounded by water.

NS: Describe your boot camp. What did you learn and how did you market Zimbabwe?

HM: Exciting part was getting to know other cultures and getting to mingle with other girls from other countries. Also getting to know what their countries are like and just being social. But we would do a lot of activities. We had three events that helped us prepare for the finale. We had late nights and very early mornings. Touring the country was another excit

ing part of the boot camp. In terms of selling our country, I would talk about every tourist attraction in Zimbabwe.

NS: who designed the outfit you wore on the finale?

HM: Jasper designed all my attires. There were about 7 attires and they were all exquisite. I got seven medals. Two medals for the cultural attire, two for the peace dress, two for the tourism safari attire and a gold medal for the evening national dress. I believe that my attires made me score more point and the best part is I did not have to pay for them. Jasper sponsored them.

NS: What was your prize and how are you using your money?

HM: I got prize money of $20 000 and a few hampers. I also get to travel around the world and I can just call the Heritage trust if I need any assistance when I travel. I am going to invest the money in a business and open a modelling agency for teenagers who have a passion for modelling and want to bring the best out of modelling, not just for money. NS: What is next for you? HM: I have always wanted to go to Miss Zimbabwe so that I can compete in Miss World but now that I have won an internatio­nal pageant I was starting to let it go. But my family is pressuring me in taking part in the Miss Zimbabwe 2018. I believe in myself that I will take the title in 2018. If I do not get into Miss Zimbabwe I will go for Miss Tourism and win it so that I go to the internatio­nal pageant. With all the love and support I get from Zimbabwe, I am sure I will get the title. I feel that now I that I have won an internatio­nal pageant; I got the strength and ability to go for any pageant and take the crown home.

 ??  ?? Hillary with her runner-ups at the Miss Teen Heritage World 2016
Hillary with her runner-ups at the Miss Teen Heritage World 2016
 ??  ?? Miss Teen Heritage World 2016, Hillay Makaya
Miss Teen Heritage World 2016, Hillay Makaya
 ??  ?? Hillary Makaya
Hillary Makaya

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