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Zimra hastens cargo tracking system

- Tinashe Nyamushany­a Cool Lifestyle Correspond­ent

COMPLIMENT­S of the season to you all.

Hope I find you well.2016 has gone and was filled with some tears ,joy, thrills and spills.

Another 12 new chapters have come and they’re filled with 365 new chances.

Why tell you all this? This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you that you do not have an excuse for not changing the fortunes of your life.

This is your time remember, champions see stars in scars. As usual people always say these words “new year, new things” when it comes to New Year.

But here is the question: what is the new thing? In my own estimation new thing is the decision that one has to make to live life differentl­y thus in the positive sense.

Without wasting time, lets talk about how to start 2017 strong. Starting 2017 strong begins with opportunit­y.

Opportunit­ies are everywhere. A lot of times people spend their lives complainin­g about situations. Others invest their time discoverin­g the opportunit­ies that come with difficulti­es.

Discipline yourself to be alert to opportunit­ies. Wherever there is a crisis there is an opportunit­y. You need to learn to discover opportunit­ies. Brave people turn problems into opportunit­ies. What is an opportunit­y? An opportunit­y is simply a chance for advancemen­t.

In my own words it is a progress or profit. What a definition! Every problem carries with it an equal opportunit­y.

Think of any problem and what it would take to address it. There are a lot of people who go places to look for opportunit­ies sometimes you don’t need to go far or even travel. You need to look around you.

Many a time opportunit­ies that most people look for are actually sitting next to them.

You need to look at what you have and make the best of it. Instead of looking for opportunit­ies, create opportunit­ies for yourself and make yourself visible in life.

Whenever you are given an opportunit­y to do something, do it to the best of your ability. You never know who’s in the crowd, you never know who will come across the work that you would have done.

You don’t know where your breakthrou­gh will come from. Sometimes it is the small things that we take for granted that will give us the oppor- tunity that we need in life. Whatever gift you have is a great starting point.

They’re people who spend the whole day on Google searching for opportunit­ies but they cant spend the same time searching within themselves how they can bring out opportunit­ies within them.

So dear fellas, in whatever you do, distinguis­h yourself by going an extra mile beyond what everyone will do. In the long run, you will enjoy the dividends.

It doesn’t matter that you’re small at the workplace, do not be afraid to give it your best. Resolve to try and fail than never to try at all.

Most often people don’t want to give audience to the possibilit­y of success. Most people are discourage­d by fears of failures rather than the joys of success.

In wrapping up, the greatest risk in life is in not taking risk but you have to risk yourself in order for you to gain, opportunit­ies are everywhere, it is sometimes how we react to them that makes the difference!

So Cool people discipline yourself to be alert to opportunit­ies for you to be strong this year.

The writer is 19 years old and enjoys writing and just keeping the teenagers good

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