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Set smarter goals for 2017

- Terence Mapuka Cool Lifestyle Correspond­ent

IT IS a new year, 2017 and so much is expected of it. Some say you have a blank page to fill in as you please. Others filled in that blank page with new year resolution­s shortly before it started.

Whichever way you look at it one has to have plans in place not to move ahead blindly but lay a solid foundation so as to build a firm and strong structure that will last throughout.

So most of you have gone back to school to begin yet another year. It is important that you work out the plan on how you are going to approach this year.

It could be your first year in high school or looking forward to your first year in university, there are specific ways you can plan the year. Those plans should have objectives that help you fulfil your plans or goals. T

oday I share with you how you can create SMARTER Goals. The word SMARTER is an acronym.

S stands for specific goals. Specific means they are defined to accomplish a certain aspect and not just broad goals. If you are in Form 4 a specific goal can be to pass all your subjects.

M stands for measurable. There has to be a way we can measure if you have indeed succeeded in accomplish­ing your goal. So from the example above a pass is anything from a C to an A. You have to write the symbol you want for a specific subject.

A stands for Attainable or Achievable. One can plan to score straight As in 10 subjects. However you have to confirm the number of subjects you are writing in the first place because you cannot get 10 As when you are writing 9 subjects, not achievable (laugh out loud). Also understand yourself if you have only achieved at most 3 As as of now, you cannot magically get to 10. You can say 6 As or 5 then push yourself to work SMARTER in the subjects that can be turned into an A. Understand as well that these goals should be flexible adjusted as you go throughout the year. If you get 6As in your first term no need to stick to that push it up. Achievable does not mean the obvious which does not give you a challenge it means those goals that if you put your all into it you can achieve.

R stands for Relevant. Those goals need to be relevant, they have to be for a significan­t cause. Passing your O Level is relevant to advance your education.

T stands for Time-frame. Now goals have to be timed. You have to achieve something by a certain time period. In our example you write your exams in the third term and results come in the first term of the following year.

E means enhancing. Your goals should elevate you, build you up to get to the next level. It should change you just like education does. People will soon call you a graduate an account a doctor a professor all because of education enhancing you.

Terence is with zwTEENS an organisati­on which deals with teens and issues affecting them. You can reach zwTEENS on 0774599446, WhatsApp 0772128170, or visit their website

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