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Teen wins $2 000 lawsuit for lost virginity


ATEENAGER from Bulawayo who sued her married ex-lover for deflowerin­g her before ditching her after having previously promised to marry her has been awarded $2 000 in damages.

Nataly Madziwa (19) sued Joel Moyo (32) accusing him of seducing her into having sex after promising to marry her during their relationsh­ip while she was an Upper Six pupil at Pumula High School in 2015.

In her lawsuit, she demanded $8 000 in seduction damages, saying her chances of getting married were diminished after she lost her virginity.

Madziwa said she only discovered that Moyo was married when she fell pregnant. In his ruling, Bulawayo magistrate Mr Sheunesu Matova ordered Moyo to pay $2 000 for the lost virginity. Madziwa’s lawyer Mr Bruce Masamvu told The Chronicle that the ruling was delivered.

“We’re simply going to issue him with a warrant of execution, a form of writ of execution used as a method of enforcing judgments.”

The lawyer emphasised that according to the law, a plaintiff who has been seduced may recover compensati­on for the loss of her virginity and consequent impairment of her marriage prospects.

Madziwa and Moyo fell in love in 2015 and the teenager said she was showered with gifts and money before the sexual act.

She said she felt embarrasse­d and humiliated after Moyo allegedly broke her virginity and impregnate­d her before breaching the promise to marry her. - Chronicle.

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