I can im­preg­nate any woman, says Chamisa

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MDC Al­liance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa yes­ter­day said he was young and could im­preg­nate any woman to prove how en­er­getic he was in yet an­other show of sex­ism.

The mis­fir­ing MDC-T fac­tion leader re­cently pledged to give Pres­i­dent Mnan­gagwa his 18-year-old sis­ter if he man­ages five per­cent in this year’s har­monised elec­tions.

Chamisa’s re­marks sparked out­rage from Zim­bab­weans across the body politic.

He apol­o­gised last Thurs­day for his sex­ist re­marks say­ing: “If any­one felt hurt about the joke I am sorry. It was just a po­lit­i­cal ban­ter that I used to il­lus­trate that even if I promised to give him (Mnan­gagwa) my most prized possession, he would still not be able to de­feat us in a free and fair elec­tion.”

But yes­ter­day, Mr Chamisa re­peated the sex­ist re­marks while ad­dress­ing a rally at Maboleni Busi­ness Cen­tre in Lower Gweru.

“As we go to an elec­tion this year, we must say good­bye to old age lead­er­ship. We want young and en­er­getic lead­ers like me. Is there any­one who can doubt that I am en­er­getic? Just give me any woman here and see if I will fail to score,” said Mr Chamisa.

The in­creas­ingly geron­to­pho­bic MDC-T fac­tion leader is ac­cused of lead­ing a campaign to marginalise per­ceived old peo­ple in his side of the MDC and this week in­cum­bent MP for Harare West Jessie Ma­jome opened up about the abuse she was be­ing sub­jected to that saw her with­draw from the party’s pri­mary elec­tions.

Ms Ma­jome said she had been told that she was old and should re­tire to the coun­try­side to herd don­keys.

Mr Chamisa, who was ad­dress­ing a gath­er­ing that largely com­prised Nde­bele speak­ing peo­ple and added: “You think I don’t know Nde­bele? You are wrong. To­tally wrong! I can pro­pose love in Nde­bele.”

Iron­i­cally, Mr Chamisa said it was dif­fi­cult to lead a na­tion with­out seek­ing ad­vice from the elderly.

“We have our elderly peo­ple like the ones stand­ing with me here.

“You can­not lead a na­tion with­out tap­ing wis­dom and work­ing with the elderly. We need el­der peo­ple in lead­er­ship for us to steer the coun­try for­ward,” said Mr Chamisa.

Mr Chamisa is a trained pas­tor with AFM.

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