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HOW many words of four let­ters or more can you make from the let­ters shown here? IN MAK­ING a word, each let­ter may be used once only. Each must con­tain the cen­tre let­ter and there one nine-let­ter word. No plu­rals or verb forms end­ing in “s”, no words with ini­tial cap­i­tals and no words with a hy­phen or apos­tro­phe per­mit­ted. The first word of a phrase is per­mit­ted (e.g inkjet in inkjet printer).


Good, 11 words, very good 14, 18 or more words, SO­LU­TIONS to­mor­row


Amen ament amine ammo am­mon am­monite an­i­mie atom emit imam in­mate item maim main mane man­ito manto noma omen omenta omit op­tima PAN­TOMIME pie­man pi­mento pit­man pit­men poem pome ptomine tame tamp tame tamp tam­pon team tempt

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