Your prayer should be ‘My God, visit me!’

The Herald (Zimbabwe) - - Comment & Opinion - Bishop B. Man­joro Du­namis

LESS than two months to go be­fore the year winds up. In th­ese days and weeks may the Lord visit you. Tes­ti­monies of cars, houses and fi­nan­cial bless­ings are good. I long to hear the church tes­tify of be­ing vis­ited by the Lord. There is some­thing about visi­ta­tion. Some­thing that changes a man’s life for­ever! O I like it I like it!

Gen­e­sis 50:24 reads: “And Joseph said unto his brethren, ‘I die and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land unto the land which he promised Abra­ham, Isaac and Ja­cob’.”

Joseph is the one who made the Is­raelites dwell in Egypt. When he was about to die, he called his broth­ers and said, “God will surely visit you.” Like I said ear­lier the rare thing in church to­day is be­ing vis­ited by God. Yes, peo­ple are be­ing healed, mir­a­cles are hap­pen­ing, but visi­ta­tion is rare. Th­ese last two months who­ever is read­ing this ar­ti­cle, God must surely visit you.

When He vis­its, things change, the im­pos­si­ble be­comes pos­si­ble, poverty will go away, life gets trans­formed. No­body will tell you to change, some­thing will hap­pen au­to­mat­i­cally, doors which were closed open.

In the church, what lacks be­comes avail­able, God is go­ing to visit your workplace. Your prayer should be “My God visit me.”

Four hun­dred and thirty-five years of slav­ery, but one day God vis­ited the Is­raelites. Be­fore they knew it, they were on their way to Canaan, No pa­per­work, no court in­volve­ment! God also vis­ited me be­fore I was filled with the Holy Ghost. From there I was filled, and be­gan to preach the good news!

Visi­ta­tion brings de­liv­er­ance. Don’t be afraid if they brew beer for your down­fall, what you need is a heav­enly be­ing to visit you. I have no doubt, God is ready to visit you,

He is not a re­spec­tor of per­sons, he doesn’t con­sider were you live, or who you are. Ev­ery­body else has prob­lems in the past, but don’t dwell there any­more. Why talk about things that gets us nowhere, for­get about that past, there is noth­ing to gain from it! You have a brighter fu­ture ahead of you , more years to en­joy. Don’t al­low your mis­takes to ruin your to­day and your to­mor­row.

Af­ter God had said let my peo­ple go, Pharaoh thought twice, but when the first born sons died, he per­son­ally told Moses to get out of there with im­me­di­ate ef­fect. That’s what hap­pens when God vis­its his chil­dren. Some­one must be de­liv­ered, the joy of the Lord must take over, just be­lieve.

If only you knew the way He does things, you would be re­joic­ing right now, you will ask were it had been all along. When He vis­its, the car, house, even the wed­ding you need will come by it­self. On your is­sues, God is vis­it­ing .

Who can add a cu­bit to his life by wor­ry­ing too much, worry? My brethren don’t worry, dont even think too much. We don’t have to cry so much, but to be­lieve. Let Je­sus deal with ev­ery­thing and al­ways re­mind him of your pend­ing is­sues. Let’s not waste time ne­glect­ing sleep and food be­cause of one is­sue, re­lax, let go and let God be God!

Don’t fo­cus on the neg­a­tive things, re­mem­ber there is a God in heaven, there is still an­other door open. No wor­ry­ing about to­mor­row, at the right time, at the right mo­ment, He will visit! When things are tough, don’t talk too much, rather close your mouth and only bless the name of the Lord!

“For with God all things are pos­si­ble,” Mark 10:27.

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