A discog­ra­phy that just gets big­ger

Winky’s D just got big­ger! And the big­gest D that any artiste wants to grow af­ter all is the big DISCOG­RA­PHY!

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FROM a tiny discog­ra­phy when he be­gan humbly, that discog­ra­phy years later has had new ad­di­tions the lat­est of which is most no­tably the hit song ‘‘Paperbag’’, which has taken that discog­ra­phy to a brand new tra­jec­tory and dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion.

Zim­babwe’s big­gest ver­sa­tile artiste has con­tin­ued to ex­per­i­ment with sev­eral themes, sounds, lyri­cal opin­ions, per­sonas and at­ti­tudes and has hardly, if ever put a foot wrong.

From cul­ti­vat­ing a wal­let as green as the il­le­gal herbs in his gar­den to be­ing the met­ro­sex­ual man with the jacket and pair of jeans, Winky D has lived every life through his lyrics and sounds and has ding-donged be­tween be­ing a show-off to a hum­ble man.

From be­ing a prayer­ful spirit to be­ing a tra­di­tional spirit. Winky has seen it all. And def­i­nitely been it all.

Per­haps the big­gest les­son from Winky is how im­por­tant it is to ‘‘floss’’ in the al­ter ego life while be­ing well grounded, hard-work­ing and hum­ble in real life, en­sur­ing that his ca­reer has not fal­tered and died like the ca­reers of some of his con­tem­po­raries.

Take ‘‘Paperbag’’ for ex­am­ple; Winky D plays the god of free-spend­ing, high rolling, ego­tis­ti­cal lyri­cism and a bevy of girls that make those in the play­boy man­sion look like cheap repli­cas of chicks made in the far east at best or in­flat­able dolls as worst.

And yet with a steady life Winky D has not lived the life of a hot-roller type wom­an­iser, only flirt­ing with that idea in his art; some­thing that has prob­a­bly kept him in his clean im­age as an artiste se­ri­ous with his art and not will­ing to be a real life player with scan­dal.

OK, maybe he isn’t as clean as he would like us to be­lieve. Af­ter all the truth be told Winky D has such a se­cre­tive life that even the best Mos­sad, CIA and SVR (for­mer KGB) agents can spend a year liv­ing with him and still not crack his se­crets.

The only thing Winky may be busted for is if you de­mand a sam­ple of wa­ter he has drunk and en­tered his sys­tem. That would def­i­nitely have ‘‘ex­otic’’ weeds min­gling in there. But even that is some­thing few would like to take a bet on.

Yet that is the im­age that many of the young up­com­ing artistes should try and em­u­late. A clean im­age is some­thing that has had Winky D grow while many oth­ers would not see it as fash­ion­able to be a squeaky clean chap.

In Zim­babwe’s mu­sic, arts, en­ter­tain­ment and sports in­dus­try, at least amongst the young crop, if there was a search for a clean enough per­son to be nailed to a cross and re­deem the mess that is the life of oth­ers like Soul Jah Love and Den­ver Mukamba, Winky D would be that per­son.

In a world so keen to have role mod­els, per­haps there should be a drive to en­sure that peo­ple like Winky D, who have no scan­dals with their artistes, co-singers, back­ing vo­cal­ists and man­ager­ess types would be cel­e­brated and em­u­lated,

Gone are the days that bad ‘‘man­ners’’ were said to go hand in glove with be­ing an artiste es­pe­cially in mu­sic cir­cles.

‘‘Paperbag’’ may not be as spec­tac­u­lar or pro­found as his other cre­ations, and yet some­times what makes songs con­tinue to drop as hits, is the clean­li­ness of the lips be­tween which those hits are spat. That is why Winky’s discog­ra­phy keeps grow­ing and get­ting healthy re­sponses and life.

Some­times as me­dia we take a shot at the nut-heads, the hare-brained; the naughty and only be­moan bad be­hav­iour. Some­times we should take to the pen to cel­e­brate the good.

Now Winky has pa­per-bags of good hits thanks to a level head. Winky D take a bow!

Winky D

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