Be care­ful: Not ev­ery friend is a good friend!

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TO­DAY I will talk to you about friends. Be care­ful who you call your friend. Esau, though a first born in his fa­ther’s house and en­ti­tled to the birthright, lost it due to whom he chose to spend time with, and lis­ten to. He lost value of what had value in his life. Does this sound fa­mil­iar? Read on, and let’s jour­ney to­gether in God’s Word and learn from it!

“And Esau was 40 years old when he took to wife Ju­dith the daugh­ter of Beeri the Hit­tite, and Bashe­math the daugh­ter of Elon the Hit­tite: Which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Re­bekah,” Ge­n­e­sis 26:35

You see Esau was first born to Isaac and Re­bekah, Ja­cob was born sec­ond. The first born was en­ti­tled to the bless­ing. God would have been called the God of Abra­ham, Isaac and Esau but it didn’t go that way. What hap­pened? How did Esau miss it? You see one of the keys of suc­cess in life is to close all the doors that may cause you to lose what be­longs to you! There is no ac­cel­er­a­tion when you have a wrong friend.

From the scrip­ture above we find out proof that Esau had re­la­tions with the wrong peo­ple. He re­lated and spent time with the Hit­tites, the very peo­ple God had said Is­rael is to be sep­a­rated from. He even went on to marry a Hit­tite who, ac­cord­ing to God’s Word, was a grief, a bur­den, a thorn in the flesh to his par­ents. Hit­tites wor­shipped false gods and did not know Je­ho­vah, hence God had told his peo­ple to stay away for he knew they would be di­verted and lured to for­get him, his val­ues and the good way of liv­ing. If only Esau had obeyed God’s Word, he would have had a chance on the birthright!

You see some­times we don’t grow very much with preach­ing, con­fer­ences and all with­out obe­di­ence. What could be hin­der­ing your progress, de­stroy­ing your mar­riage, ru­in­ing your busi­ness, with­er­ing your spir­i­tual life is lack of obe­di­ence to God’s Word.

At Cana Mary said to the stew­ards there, “What­ever, (Je­sus) tells you to do, do it!” She knew the key —sim­ple obe­di­ence! At times un­der­stand­ing and all will come af­ter obey­ing the Word of the Lord! If you as God’s sons and daugh­ters take His words and in­struc­tions and put it in the bin noth­ing will hap­pen no mat­ter how much you want it to hap­pen.

Here is my word to you this day, don’t be hear­ers only of God’s Word, be do­ers. Vig­or­ously do what the Word teaches you. If he says stay away from the Hit­tites, stay away from them! O hal­lelu­jah!

Be care­ful whom you re­late with. I have peo­ple I re­late with; we meet, laugh and talk. But we don’t dis­cuss about their church or my church. We talk about our is­sues and don’t dis­cuss our churches. It drains the anoint­ing!

Some of you were once vi­brant for the Lord but you met with some peo­ple and dis­cussed things that made you dry. As you were laugh­ing, and talk­ing with those neg­a­tive peo­ple you lost hon­our for your church, teach­ings you were given, and even lost hon­our for your man or woman of God.

It’s same thing with what hap­pened to Esau. The Hit­tites made him lose value of his God! They drained him, with­out him know­ing!

What you don’t know is, you were an ea­gle but now be­ing stripped to be a hen! Friend, wake up! You used to love your wife and your chil­dren, you used to value your in-laws just like your own par­ents un­til a wrong voice spoke to you! Your spouse is now a stranger to you, your once good job, is now a bor­ing place — shake your­self while you still can! Don’t you hear from the Bi­ble how Sam­son lost his power? He re­lated with wrong peo­ple, lis­tened to the wrong voice and broke God’s vow. Delilah a Philis­tine pulled him down!

Can’t you see the per­son you call friend is pulling you away from your law­ful hus­band? Can’t you see the mo­ment so and so came in your life, there is no peace in your fam­ily, the ten­sion is ever build­ing? It’s ac­tu­ally a time bomb! Be care­ful of your friends. But pas­tor I don’t have time to go out with friends. I’m nor­mally by my­self! Friend, even if you are com­mu­ni­cat­ing on What­sApp or Face­book you still need to be care­ful. Not ev­ery friend is a good friend! Not all words are good words. Not all ad­vices are good ad­vices.

Ac­tu­ally not even all good ideas are God’s ideas! It’s not ev­ery friend that builds, other friends de­stroy! If ye be will­ing and obe­di­ent, ye shall eat the good of the land, Isa­iah 1:19. I leave you with the words of King Solomon, He that walks with wise men shall be wise but a com­pan­ion of fools shall be de­stroyed (Proverbs 13:20).

For with god all things are pos­si­ble (Mark 10:27)

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