Suc­cess served with a plat­ter of fail­ures tastes bet­ter

The Herald (Zimbabwe) - - Forestry Commission/people - Chad Chawanda

Suc­cess and fail­ure go hand in hand.

FAIL­URE is an in­te­gral part of suc­cess, it com­ple­ments and com­pletes suc­cess. Just as cof­fee and su­gar are com­ple­men­tary to each other and su­gar in­creases the sweet­ness of cof­fee, mak­ing it more en­joy­able. In the same way, fail­ure en­hances the taste of suc­cess.

Zim­bab­weans should con­sider this dif­fi­cult time as a path to suc­cess. It is only when you face hard­ships that you re­alise the value of good days and en­joy them more. Let us con­sider that we are fac­ing fail­ures to­day for a bet­ter and suc­cess­ful to­mor­row.

Fail­ure is nei­ther an end of a jour­ney nor an in­di­ca­tion of per­ma­nence, it is a mo­ti­va­tion to try harder next time. It brings us a step closer to suc­cess. Suc­cess is achieved when we pur­sue it with de­ter­mi­na­tion, per­sis­tence, ef­fort and ad­e­quate prepa­ra­tion.

A good heart will al­ways find suc­cess. A good heart not only climbs the lad­der of suc­cess but also grabs other hands and pulls them up. Zim­babwe re­quires more of these good hearts to head to­wards the suc­cess train.

One’s per­sonal, pro­fes­sional and so­cial life largely im­pacts and in­flu­ences their suc­cess or fail­ure. One achieves suc­cess, when they be­lieve that it will def­i­nitely hap­pen, and re­peat­edly play the mo­ment of suc­cess in their minds. Zim­bab­weans need to have the same per­spec­tive to­wards suc­cess, to live in a pos­i­tive space cre­at­ing a bound­ary through which neg- ativ­ity can­not seep in.

What we should al­ways keep in mind is that ev­ery­one fails at some point in their life, but we should keep mov­ing for­ward and try harder. It is well said that fail­ure is not the op­po­site of suc­cess but a part of it.

So, my mes­sage to the youth of the coun­try is; make mis­takes, learn from the ex­pe­ri­ences and fail­ures and stand up each time you fall. If life is giv­ing you le­mons, make more than just lemon­ade. What is suc­cess with­out fail­ure? Is it even an achieve­ment? For only when you fall, you learn to stand. It is worth the hard time spent.

What is there to lose, if you haven’t gained any­thing.

It’s for you to choose, to be com­mon or a king.

It is through my fail­ures, I learnt to be strong.

To bear the se­vere, and say, “Game On.”

I mar­ried my com­mit­ments, to lead a con­tent life.

I fought un­til the end, and en­sured to sur­vive.

So, face what you fear, and learn how to dare. Over­come your ob­sta­cles, don’t wait for a mir­a­cle.

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