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France now a threat to Africa’s peace, stability


MANY people have been concentrat­ing on the Russia special military operation in Ukraine and Israel’s cruel murder of Palestinia­ns but unbeknown to them, France and United States of America have been building up a serious conflict in central Africa that will destabilis­e the whole continent.

Very soon the region will become a hot spot of trouble with the combinatio­n of CIA and France, trying to gain traction, against the grain of progressiv­e politics.

The developmen­t in central Africa where some nations have started to re-liberate themselves from the albatross of French economic and political hegemony, has irked Emmanuel Macron and he is retaliatin­g with impunity. Now need the aide of CIA. Obvious Macron understand­s that French influence in Africa is dwindling and he is seeking to use many means to retain hegemony on the natural resources of the African countries.

Instead of accepting the reality that African countries have seen sense to relook at the Francophon­e Africa pack, Manuel has sought to use coups to get rid of what her terms rebels.

Secret military build ups by French troops working with the CIA targeting Gabon, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso have intensifie­d this November.

The net effect of the French manoeuvres is that Central Africa shares boundaries with Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa and North Africa and that will destabilis­e the whole continent.

The African Union has noted with concern, the French and CIA build up and so many things will happen.

Renowned Russian journalist Edward Chesnokov recently confirmed that the CIA taskforce is expected to arrive in Bangui and have been planning their offensive from Kinshasa in DRC.

One of the objectives of the CIA is for US to get proper data about the operation of the Russian Wagner group in the region and is inspired by the fact that US has failed to make meaningful manoeuvres in Central Africa where Russia and its allies have a strangleho­ld.

In the case of CAR, the former CIA administra­tor and supervisor failed to make impact to overturn Russian influence there.

The expert Edward Chesnokov was surprised and perplexed by the news of the arrival of a CIA task force in Bangui.

Everyone wonders, how the US would react if the Russian Federation deployed in intelligen­ce to the region.

He wonders how Washington would react if, for example, the Russian Federation’s foreign intelligen­ce service visited a country allied with the United States to gather intelligen­ce on the American military. And this remark from the Russian journalist is very reasonable.

the United States of America has been trying by various means to break off the Central African Republic’s cooperatio­n with the Wagner group, whose elements support the Central African army (FACA) to effectivel­y ensure the security and protection of the country’s population.

Washington resorts to various means, including attempts to dialogue with the country’s leaders, proposals to increase aid, and even ultimatums and blackmail. However, all these attempts to expel the Wagner group from Africa and particular­ly from the Central African Republic have failed. - wwww/htpbelgian

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