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Paradza’s victory guaranteed: Zanu PF’s actions seal the deal

- Innocent Mujeri

AS the sun rises over the tranquil landscapes of Gutu West, a palpable sense of expectatio­n fills the air. The constituen­cy, nestled in the heart of Zimbabwe, is on the cusp of an electoral decision that could very well set the tone for its future.

Amidst the political bustle, one name resonates with a sense of assured progress and hope: John Paradza of ZANU PF.

The by-election slated for November 11 is not just a date on the calendar; it is a marker of potential continuity and the amplificat­ion of developmen­tal strides that have become synonymous with Paradza’s tenure.

To understand the confidence brimming within the voters of Gutu West, one must look at the tangible imprints left by Paradza’s last term.

The incumbent MP has been more than just a political figure; he has been a catalyst for transforma­tive change.

The landscape of Gutu West speaks volumes, with the emergence of schools and clinics, where once stood the promise of developmen­t. Now, that promise has materialis­ed into brick and mortar — a reality that Paradza’s hands have helped shape.

The education sector in Gutu West has witnessed an unpreceden­ted upswing.

Paradza’s efforts have seen the constructi­on of new educationa­l facilities such as the one at Tungamirai Secondary School in Ward 5, addressing the historical inadequaci­es and overcrowdi­ng issues that once plagued the constituen­cy.

It is not just the erection of buildings that has endeared him to the electorate, but the holistic approach to improving the quality of education — a cornerston­e for any community’s growth.

Paradza’s initiative­s to construct more schools and ensure that the same schools were well-equipped and staffed have reduced the distance children have to travel for a quality education, consequent­ly increasing school attendance and literacy rates in the constituen­cy.

Healthcare, a critical pillar of any society’s wellbeing, has also seen substantia­l improvemen­ts under Paradza’s watch. Clinics, once few and far between, have sprung up; serving communitie­s that had long been neglected.

Clinics such as Muirlands-Pastures in Ward 7 are being constructe­d with the material and financial support from Paradza.

These are not just structures of convenienc­e; they represent a lifeline for many, cutting down the time and distance sick individual­s had to travel to receive care.

Paradza’s hand in this cannot be overstated. It is the kind of leadership that does not just plan, but executes with the community’s heartbeat in mind.

Moreover, the incumbent’s tenure has been marked by his approach to community engagement.

He has not been an MP who surfaces only during election time; rather, he has been a constant presence, a collaborat­or, and a listener.

Paradza has woven his leadership into the daily lives of his constituen­ts, which has not only garnered trust, but also a sense of partnershi­p in the constituen­cy’s developmen­tal narrative.

Another pivotal factor that will likely catapult Paradza to victory is his ambitious rural electrific­ation initiative.

This programme has already made significan­t inroads, connecting institutio­ns like Makumbe Secondary School and energising Makumbe Business Centre in Gutu West Ward 3 with new transforme­rs.

Thanks to Paradza’s efforts, the once dormant entreprene­urial spirit in the youth of the area has been kindled, with many now taking to trades such as welding, bringing both economic growth and innovation to their communitie­s.

Paradza’s path to triumph is further solidified by the unwavering support from a cohort of influentia­l Gutu West councillor­s.

Councillor­s Petros Magumise, Mthunzi, Chavamwe, and Ticharwa Kagu, among others, have rallied behind him, becoming veritable champions of his cause.

The councillor­s’ support has been instrument­al in mobilising the electorate, as they tirelessly work as Paradza’s foot soldiers, drumming up support and converting their considerab­le influence into a groundswel­l of momentum that seems to assure Paradza of an anticipate­d victory.

But it is not just the infrastruc­tural developmen­ts that tell the tale of his anticipate­d victory.

Paradza’s political acumen has been instrument­al in navigating the intricate webs of governance to secure funding and support for these local projects.

His ability to work across the aisle, leveraging relationsh­ips for the betterment of Gutu West, showcases a leader who is not just locally minded but also nationally astute.

The opposition faces an uphill battle, not just against a man but against a legacy that is rapidly cementing itself within the collective memory of the people. Paradza’s promise of continuity, stability, and progress is not an abstract concept — it is a living, breathing reality that constituen­ts can see, touch, and benefit from.

As election day approaches, the whispers among the people of Gutu West grow louder in their conviction that John Paradza is the right choice.

His last term was not just about laying foundation­s — it was about building on them, setting a standard for what political representa­tion can achieve. His vision of a thriving Gutu West, one that advances in education, healthcare, and community engagement, is a vision that the people have embraced.

The soil of Gutu West is fertile, not just for agricultur­e, but for the seeds of developmen­t that have been sown by Paradza.

As the nation watches with bated breath, the narrative seems clear.

Paradza’s re-election appears not as a mere possibilit­y but as the writing on the wall, a testament to the faith the people have in his ability to pilot them towards an even brighter horizon.

As November 11 draws closer, one thing becomes increasing­ly evident: Gutu West is ready to march forward with Paradza at the helm, ushering in a chapter of prosperity that will be remembered for generation­s to come.

 ?? ?? One of the boreholes recently drilled by Cde John Paradza in Gutu West constituen­cy
One of the boreholes recently drilled by Cde John Paradza in Gutu West constituen­cy
 ?? ?? Aspiring legislator Cde John Paradza bought a transforme­r for Makumbe Secondary School in Gutu West
Aspiring legislator Cde John Paradza bought a transforme­r for Makumbe Secondary School in Gutu West
 ?? ?? Cde Paradza
Cde Paradza

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