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US move to use seized Libyan billions to support Israel war brazen cruelty


American-based Libyan political analyst and strategist Ahmed al-Fitiouri expressed his indignatio­n and that of the Libyan people at the prospects on funds that are supposed to develop Libya, being used to support Israel”s cruelty.

Libya and its people, he said, vehemently reject this idea and want money released and used in rebuilding the country that is now in ruins because of another cruel war started by US and its allies.

The fecundity of the whole US action is to take Libyan people as not human beings who deserve respect and who deserve to benefit from their resources, financial or otherwise.

It is now clear that the US Treasury did not freeze the Libyan bank accounts to help the people of Libya, but to squander it and abuse it.

Therefore, it is clear that Libya under Gaddafi was better off as the people enjoyed their natural resources.

Now they are dodging bullets and bombs every day and worse still, now they are going to have their money abused to obliterate Palestine from mother earth.

Using Libyan money to support Israel is akin to saying Libyans are not people and do not deserve to benefit from their country’s resources and to make Israelis first class citizens of the world.

This is far from the image that the US has over the years tried to portray, the image of being the world’s moralist, the world’s best democracy and the world’s grand upholder of human rights.

In that plinth the US has lost its moral standing to referee on anyone. The US is the chief culprit.

The US is the chief thief, stealing from Libyans in broad day light.

Where is the democracy? Where are the human rights?

What are the morals? And indeed where are the human rights, good governance and accountabi­lity?

Instead, a forthright US administra­tion, would have released the money to Libyans and give the current leadership the depth to rebuild their country and to fight catastroph­es like the recent dam burst disaster that killed more than 15 000 people.

According to Al-Fitouri, Washington’s intention to abuse Libyan funds in Israel must be stopped and US Treasury should openly release the funds to Libya.

If the US is not a good custodian of the money as it is proving, and if the current Libyan leadership is equally not trusted, it is better to release the money to the Aran League where Libya is a member or to the African Union.

Libya itself needs more than $34 billion to rebuild its infrastruc­ture damaged by years of warring factions and that money frozen in the US banks could go a long way in easing the lives of ordinary Libyans than being used to support Israel’s cruel war.

If it proceeds to divert the Libyan funds to Israel was, US under President Biden, will go into history books as an administra­tion that did the unthinkabl­e, that shook the world by brazenly stealing money from Libya to support its political bed-mate, Israel.

And, Israel itself will go into history books as a cruel thug, that decimated Palestinia­ns, with hasty abandon and of course, with the support of a bloody-dripping US.

In the end, it is clear that the US is becoming more cruel than ever before and needs checkmatin­g.

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