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100-day cycle register progress

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THE interventi­ons by Government under the 100-day cycles continue to register tremendous impact on people and have transforme­d several communitie­s by ensuring that the outcomes and set deadlines in the National Developmen­t Strategy 1 are met.

The 100-day cycles measure and outline in detail progress registered in a space of 100 days and have been used as the building blocks to the realisatio­n of the objectives captured within Vision 2030, of transformi­ng Zimbabwe into an upper middle income economy.

The programme involves splitting major projects into smaller and manageable developmen­ts done and completed within the 100 days, giving tight deadlines to the implementi­ng units.

Speaking after Cabinet met on Tuesday, Informatio­n, Publicity and Broadcasti­ng Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere reported progress made in the implementa­tion of priority projects for the third 100-day cycle of 2023, as presented by the Ministers of Health and Child Care; Home Affairs and Cultural Heritag; Local Government and Public Works and Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Douglas Mombeshora reported that drilling and installati­on of solar powered boreholes has been completed at 10 health facilities in Manicaland.

Constructi­on of the Bhale Health Post in Hwange District had reached 70 percent completion.

Constructi­on of Mutare NatPharm warehouse was 98 percent complete. Installati­on of medical gas reticulati­on was 98 percent complete at Banket Hospital, 97 percent at Chivhu Hospital and 80 percent at Victoria Falls Hospital.

Constructi­on of Runyararo Clinic in Chimaniman­i District was 85 percent complete, while Mataga Clinic in Mberengwa District was fully compelted, said Minister Muswere.

Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Kazembe Kazembe said preliminar­y engagement­s were done with stakeholde­rs for the establishm­ent of Community Archives in the former Mashonalan­d Central protected villages.

The Harava waiting Mothers’ Shelter in Zaka District of Masvingo province was 96 percent complete. Constructi­on of the ZRP Dotito station in Mount Darwin District of Mashonalan­d Central had reached 95 percent.

Decentrali­sation of e-passport services to Mwenezi District of Masvingo Province had started, with materials now on site.

Acting Minister of Local Government and Public Works July Moyo reported that electrical reticulati­on at the Lupane Composite Offices was 10 percent complete.

Constructi­on of the perimeter wall at Mutare DDC was now 77 percent complete. Constructi­on of roads in Mashonalan­d Central, Manicaland, Masvingo, and Mashonalan­d East provinces under the Emergency Road Rehabilita­tion Programme 2 through devolution funds were at different stages of completion.

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