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Response to “Kombi operators push for touts removal” Touts should be removed; they cause so much confusion. — @ Billy



Touts have injured and caused deaths. They are rowdy, they harass travellers and should be arrested. They are illegal. — @ Kundayi Mailosi.


Touts are just there to harass people, steal and cause havoc. Commuters know their destinatio­ns and do not want anyone to shout and make noise for them to get to their destinatio­ns. — @ Linda Muzanarwo.

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Response to “Villager loses over US$10 600 to robbers” When keeping cash at home, people should not brag as this attracts thieves. — @ Thomas Zimuto.

*** Robberies usually involve an insider. Somebody from within would be working with robbers. — @ Katherine Motsi.


Do not keep large sums of money at home! — @ Marlon Muzanenham­o.


Hope the robbers will be arrested. But the robbers could have been following up on a tip off from somebody close to the victim. — @ Maidei Musanhu. ***

Response to “Open for business mantra charms Saudi Arabia investors” Government’s open for business mantra will attract many investors and this will definitely grow our economy. — @ Alpha Tembo.

Response to“Opposition CCC’s strategic ambiguity costly to the


The confusion within the opposition parties is not affecting them, but will also cost the nation. Imagine we are coming from elections and now we will have by-elections because of this confusion. The money being used for by-elections could have been channelled elsewhere. — @ Kennedy Nziramasan­ga. ***

CCC should put its house in order and not let the nation suffer because of its loopholes. — @ Lister Chinheya. ***

Response to“Zim wages war against January disease” This disease has affected many cattle. There is need to follow recommenda­tions from experts to protect livestock from the deadly disease. —@ Mary Tumbare.

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Response to“Overwhelmi­ng response to calls for breast cancer screening”

A number of women are aware of the importance of breast cancer screening, thanks to the awareness campaigns being carried out by different organisati­ons. — @ Nyaradzo Mushaninga. ***

Response to“MDC-T lays off workers”

It never rains, but pours for the opposition. While some are laying off workers others are recalling each other from parly. — @ Nathan Musimwa.

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