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First Lady set to launch career guidance, grooming programme . . . engages key stakeholde­rs

- Tendai Rupapa Senior Reporter

FIRST LADY Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa held an extensive consultati­ve meeting with key stakeholde­rs including Government Ministers, chief executives, the media and other leading figures ahead of the launch of her first-ever career guidance, deportment, etiquette and grooming programme to build a firm foundation for the country’s future generation­s.

Dubbed “The First Lady’s Career Guidance: Sustainabi­lity into generation­s” the programme will soon be launched in the capital after which it will be taken to all the provinces with high-achievers and notables from the areas engaging the children as a motivation­al factor.

Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution saw it befitting to participat­e in the programme alongside the media organisati­ons they work with in their areas since they are the ones who will be implementi­ng the programme in their respective provinces where they interact with communitie­s on a day-to-day basis.

The targeted age-group is eight to 14 years while later there will be other sessions for high schools and tertiary institutio­ns.

The move will also help tackle drug abuse, child marriages, school drop-out and general lack of respect, amongst a host of challenges bedevillin­g society today.

Career guidance is empowermen­t given to individual­s to help them acquire the knowledge, informatio­n, skills, and experience necessary to identify career options, and narrow them down to make one career decision.

This career decision then results in their social, financial and emotional well-being throughout their lives.

Amai Mnangagwa, who has a passion for the welfare of women and children, will rope in the Ministries of Primary and Secondary Education; Higher and Tertiary Education as well as Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

The programme, the mother of the nation said, would be extended to schools, churches and various other places where children meet.

“I welcome you wholeheart­edly. There is no mother who plans her things without involving her children, that is why I have invited you today so that we put our minds together and come up with tangible things that will help our children and future generation­s.

“The programme that you have come for, and I see some of you have come from afar, is about career guidance, grooming, etiquette and deportment that we want to spread in schools around the country,” she said.

The mother of the nation underlined her passion for the well-being of children by highlighti­ng other programmes she does with them.

“I would want to thank you all for sparing time from your busy schedules to come here on a very special agenda that impacts our future generation­s. Through my interactiv­e programmes, I know you have seen me in all provinces doing Gota/Nhanga/Ixhiba and also Ngano Naamai and the Elementary Club where I took the very small ones to interact with me and I will also be hearing what they will be saying.

“Our children need serious grooming and we will try to touch on so many areas looking at both girls and boys, preparing the child for the future.

“That is why I invited you here so that we put our hands together for the sake of our children. Yes, I am the First Lady, but it is just a name, these two words, First and Lady cannot stop me from sitting down with the people and being with the people.

“Guidance and grooming are very important and when I was growing up, I was taught the art of living and walking in the correct path so that we would grow up well.

“We want our children to be groomed and raised in the manner we were also raised so that they grow up knowing where they are coming from and where they are heading to,” she said to warm applause.

Amai Mnangagwa then gave the floor to her visitors to share their views and they all applauded her for coming up with a noble programme. They pledged their full support. Informatio­n, Publicity and Broadcasti­ng Services Minister Dr Jenfan Muswere threw his weight behind the programme saying human capital developmen­t was among priorities needed to carry the nation forward.

“In terms of National Developmen­t Strategy 1 (NDS1), human capital developmen­t is one of the key priorities that is going to transform this economy, but also at the same time the President has also declared war on drugs and the coming of this career guidance, counsellin­g and etiquette programme will help all children, especially those in schools, in terms of direction and at the same time in terms of heritage-based learning.

“We should then incorporat­e our customs and traditions as part of the guidance, counsellin­g and also etiquette. What the First Lady has said is true because we may lose the next generation because of drugs. We might lose the next generation because of lack of dignity and values which are being eroded mainly by the substance and drug abuse that is rampant nowadays in the country and the world over.

“The President put together an inter-ministeria­l committee that will deal with the issue of drugs but to curb drugs alone without the supporting social and human capital initiative enabling children to be groomed from primary school level all the way to high school and university, the programme will not succeed.

“As part of the etiquette programme and guidance, it helps make children know where we are coming from, where we are going and values that are expected in terms of Ubuntu, in terms of our cultural norms as Africans.

“This helps children understand profession­s and role models they will be working with in communitie­s to know where they will be coming from and heading to.

“As people responsibl­e for the disseminat­ion of informatio­n we will be together as it is the responsibi­lity of our ministry to inform, to educate and also to entertain and we will incorporat­e the programme in newspapers, social media platforms and television stations,” he said.

Similar sentiments where echoed by Minister of State for Presidenti­al Affairs in the Office of the President and Cabinet Lovemore Matuke.

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 ?? ?? First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa shares her views with ministers and other key stakeholde­rs at Zimbabwe House
First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa shares her views with ministers and other key stakeholde­rs at Zimbabwe House
 ?? ?? Ministers take notes during a consultati­ve meeting with First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa in preparatio­n for the launch of career guidance, deportment, etiquette and grooming programme at Zimbabwe House
Ministers take notes during a consultati­ve meeting with First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa in preparatio­n for the launch of career guidance, deportment, etiquette and grooming programme at Zimbabwe House

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