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Israeli invasion of Al-Shifa Hospital condemned

- Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspond­ent

ISRAEL’S continued invasion of Gaza and attacks on civilians and medical facilities has seen the attack on Al-Shifa Hospital and other hospitals in Palestine.

Palestinia­n Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr Tamer Almassri has condemned the assaults, contrary to internatio­nal humanitari­an law, and said Palestine demands urgent internatio­nal interventi­on to protect civilians in Gaza.

He said Al-Shifa Hospital was attacked by Israel under the propaganda that it houses Palestinia­n resistance groups, despite lack of evidence.

In a statement, Ambassador Almassri said the attack on Al-Shifa Hospital was a war crime and Israel had to be stopped and held accountabl­e for the violations.

“Israel has prevented over 180 dead bodies scattered across the hospital from being buried, which is a health catastroph­e in the making,” he said.

“Forty patients have so far died of the continued siege of the Israeli occupation forces at Al-Shifa Medical Complex and there are 1 500 members of the medical staff and about 25 000 displaced civilians in the complex.

“Israel has also attacked the intensive care unit and the paediatric department­s, leaving patients in dire circumstan­ces.”

Ambassador Almassri criticised Israel for targeting hospitals, where thousands of displaced Palestinia­ns are taking refuge, cutting off fuel, water and electricit­y and bombing parts of the hospitals’ buildings.

He said Israeli snipers were opening fire at Palestinia­ns who tried to exit through a corridor that the army claimed to be a safe exit from Al-Shifa Hospital.

Added Ambassador Almassri: “America had used the same tactic in the invasion of Iraq where it claimed the Iraq regime housed Al-Qaeda groups, which later turned out to be fake news.

“To date, close to 12 000 Palestinia­ns have been killed in the ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinia­ns in Gaza, with women and children accounting for 70 percent of the victims.

“Over 32 000 Palestinia­ns are injured while 1,5 million are displaced. The State of Palestine demands the UN Security Council to form a special internatio­nal criminal tribunal, in conformity with internatio­nal law to prosecute colonial Israeli war criminals who carried out or are behind the savage slaughters which were perpetrate­d by settler regime Israel in Gaza and in the occupied Palestinia­n land.”

Ambassador Almassri said the United States and its allies have lost their credibilit­y following their deliberate killing of Palestinia­ns, and it will take at least two generation­s to convince the Arab, Islamic and free world including Africa that the US and European countries really care about democracy, human rights and the rule of law, as they use as a pretext to destabilis­e the other sovereign countries.

Palestinia­ns will not leave their land, said Ambassador Almassri, and will continue to resist the Israeli occupation by all means to achieve their independen­t State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

 ?? ?? Ambassador Almassri
Ambassador Almassri

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