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Guyo finds solace from volleyball

- Veronica Gwaze Sports Reporter

VOLLEYBALL star Nyengetera­i Guyo is popular for her buoyancy on the court.

In fact, she simply wears the confidence like it was a badge of honour.

Yet the court is a place of solace for the National Beach Volleyball star, and a space where she can creep out of her shell for a moment and vent out her emotions.

Guyo, who also turns out for Harare City, lost her set of twin boys earlier in February, barely 20 days after giving birth.

And the Power Hitter, who is yet to recover from the traumatic loss, has to vent out on the Volleyball court.

She is so good at it that Volleyball followers can barely tell that she is still wounded deep down and has to play the game to find healing.

Guyo had to take it to her Facebook wall to share her feelings with the world.

“As you left for heaven, a part of me went with you. We all plan for a good life but little did I know that misfortune­s do happen unexpected­ly,” read part of the post.

“I never knew that a heart can literally be ripped apart till I kissed my twin boys’ good bye.

“Day by day my thoughts are still intertwine­d in the thoughts of losing my angels, it is a searing pain that invades my heart and caves out a piece that can never be retained.

“Day by day the lady that reflects from my mirror is becoming better . . . my motivation, hope, pillar of strength and comfort.”

It does not come by surprise that Guyo finds solace on the Volleyball Court.

Her romance with the sport code dates back in the day. Guyo, a Zimbabwe Republic Police Sports Administra­tor got a job and love in Volleyball. She met her husband Tawanda Pamire at a volleyball tournament in 2008 when they were both still at school. Pamire later rose to be a Volleyball Coach of repute and is currently attached to Wolves Volleyball Club in Malawi.

Recently, she walked away as the Best Server at the Zimbabwe Premier League 2023 despite her side failing to make it to a podium finish.

Harare City have never hidden their admiration for Guyo’s talent, a player they have branded key to their rise to being one of the powerhouse­s in Volleyball.

Being a vital cog of the “Lady Citizens” as they are affectiona­tely known, her bravado is often expected to spur the team.

She is accredited for being a natural ball player and one of the best Power Hitters in domestic Volleyball. The recognitio­n, said Guyo who is also a Beach Volleyball star, came at a time when she least expected.

“I thought I had hit rock bottom, at times I felt emotionall­y drained and thought this was the end of me but I was wrong . . . the game kept me sane and going,” said Guyo.

“This is my promise, my boys will smile at me from above one day and shout “that is our mom”; I dedicate this award to you Ian and Sean. It is proof that one can be bruised but not destroyed, pressed but not shaken.

“Thank you Zimbabwe Volleyball Associatio­n, Harare Volleyball Associatio­n Harare and City Volleyball Club; for some of us it is not just sport it is a healing ground.

“The thought of my brilliant past and my potential is what pushes me, I am still a work in progress but I will soon be back to the former levels.”

With the Zone IV games just around the corner, Volleyball teams across the country have intensifie­d their preparatio­ns.

The tournament is scheduled for Lesotho between December 7-17. UZ Wolves, Black Mambas and Support Unity will be fielding men and women teams while Naba and Highlander­s are sending men

 ?? ?? Nyengetera­i Guyo
Nyengetera­i Guyo

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