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Firm gets SAZ certificat­es

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SAINT Gobain Constructi­on Products Zimbabwe, has been conferred with certificat­ions in Environmen­tal Management Systems (EMS) and Occupation­al Health and Safety (OHS) after fulfilling the Standards Associatio­n of Zimbabwe (SAZ) certificat­ion requiremen­ts.

The company manufactur­es a wide range of building materials including plasterboa­rds, ceiling tiles, insulation materials, and drywall systems.

Its products are manufactur­ed to meet the needs of different constructi­on projects, from residentia­l to commercial buildings.

Saint Gobain’s is an addition to the company’s earlier certificat­ion in Quality Management Systems.

The ISO certificat­ions validate that an organisati­on has complied with the required set of standards for effectivel­y implementi­ng environmen­tal management and safety and health standards systems and processes.

Attaining an ISO certificat­ion requires a thorough review and assessment of the organisati­on’s processes by a certificat­ion body accredited by ISO.

According to SAZ, EMS certificat­ion represents Saint Gobain’s commitment to reducing its environmen­tal footprint, including through choice of resources, efficient energy waste management, and optimisati­on of supply chain processes, while the OHS certificat­ion demonstrat­es the company’s prioritisa­tion of safety and prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Compliance with the systems and standards are expected to improve the company’s corporate image, market competitiv­eness, and standardis­ation of processes.

Saint Gobain General Manager-Zimbabwe, Mr Alois Mudavanhu said the conferment of the certificat­ions will elevate the company’s prospects in its quest to become a globally excellent business unit operationa­lly.

Mr Mudavanhu said the firm was committed to sustainabi­lity and reducing its impact on the environmen­t.

“This fundamenta­l achievemen­t is a culminatio­n of commitment and dedication, within our team, there was an element of obsession to get this certificat­ion from a number of our team members.

“This is a paramount achievemen­t that will change the way we do business as a Zimbabwean entity, it will make us become more competitiv­e nationally, on the continent, and globally.

“This is proof that we can achieve any goal within our business when we work together as a team,” added Mr Mudavanhu.

He implored the Saint Gobain staffers to incorporat­e and observe the set standards following the certificat­ion achievemen­t when conducting their daily tasks, adding that certificat­ion would not work alone in propelling the company’s reputation.

“Certificat­ion alone cannot earn us the reputation we want, but it has to become a way of doing business and it has to be sustained in the definite future.”

Benefits of ISO certificat­ion include enhanced customer satisfacti­on, increased operationa­l efficiency, higher reliabilit­y, better risk management, and improved competitiv­eness in the market

SAZ’s acting general manager, Mr Cosmus Mukoyi said Saint Gobain’s certificat­ion came from a realisatio­n that an organisati­on could reap more benefits when certified by more than a single standard.

“Obtaining certificat­ion for both EMS and OHS standards in addition to QMS shows a commitment to ensuring sound environmen­tal practices and safeguardi­ng the health and safety of the employees, contractor­s, and visitors within your organisati­on.

“As SAZ our role is to provide independen­t verificati­on and validation of organisati­ons compliance.

“We pride ourselves in aiding organisati­ons to build and maintain their reputation for trust, credibilit­y, and excellence,” Mr Mukoyi said.

French Embassy Mission Officer for Economic and Political Affairs, Miss Lucie GalOng said the commitment by Saint Gobain was in tandem with the French Embassy’s aim to strengthen economic relations and build partnershi­ps between Zimbabwe and France.

“These certificat­ions reflect Saint Gobain’s commitment to excellence in terms of management and well-being of the workforce, we are glad that Saint Gobain is operating in Zimbabwe and making a positive impact on the economy,” said Ms Gal-Ong.

ISO certificat­ion is issued by an independen­t, recognised local or internatio­nal standardis­ation organisati­on that develops and sets standards for various industries and sectors.

 ?? — ?? Compliance with the systems and standards expected to improve Saint Gobain’s corporate image, market competitiv­eness and standardis­ation of processes File Picture
— Compliance with the systems and standards expected to improve Saint Gobain’s corporate image, market competitiv­eness and standardis­ation of processes File Picture

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