Rit­ual killer con­fesses

...names four busi­ness­men who bought hu­man body parts

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A HONDE Val­ley man, who is be­ing trou­bled by the aveng­ing spir­its of peo­ple he mur­dered for rit­ual pur­poses to­gether with 11 ac­com­plices, has opened up on how the ruth­less gang trailed un­sus­pect­ing vic­tims whose body parts they sold to four busi­ness­men in the area.

Ja­cob Mu­ran­ganwa of Chipupuri Vil­lage un­der Chief Mu­tasa con­fessed to par­tak­ing in the killings that rav­aged the Honde Val­ley com­mu­nity for years.

The 47-year-old who said he was now ex­pe­ri­enc­ing hell-on-earth told The Week­ender how he teamed up with 11 other mem­bers of his gang to kill Noah Sadock Mu­ran­ganwa (14), who was on his way home from school some­time in May 2011.

He re­vealed the names of his gang mem­bers and the four busi­ness­men who bought the body parts.

Chron­i­cling how they killed and stripped the 14-year-old vic­tim, who also hap­pens to be his nephew, of his body parts Ja­cob said:

“We were drink­ing beer at Maku­nike Busi­ness Cen­tre when four busi­ness­men ap­proached us say­ing they were look­ing for peo­ple who could kill a woman and strip her of her body parts. We then agreed,” he said.

Ja­cob said they were each promised $100 for sup­ply­ing body parts.

He said on May 20, 2011 Sadock was send back from school for non-pay­ment of school fees and while walk­ing back home he then met with one of the busi­ness­men.

“The busi­ness­man then promised to pay him school fees and in­vited him to his grind­ing meal. It was at the grind­ing meal that the busi­ness­man of­fered him sadza with fish. The sadza was then spiked with Mara­gada pills. The boy got into a deep slum­ber and we were im­me­di­ately sum­moned to kill him,” he said.

Ja­cob said one of his gang mem­bers struck the boy with a ham­mer on his head while he was asleep.

“The four busi­ness­men shared the boy’s body parts with one tak­ing his tongue and some blood, the other one took his brains and some blood, one took teeth and blood while the other one took his pri­vates. We then stashed the body in a plas­tic bag and placed him in a fridge in one of the busi­ness­men’s shop,” he said.

Ja­cob said they kept the body in the fridge for four days be­fore they started per­form­ing some rit­ual cer­e­monies at night. He said they were all or­dered to strip naked and carry the boy’s body to his par­ent’s home­stead where they had agreed to hang it in a tree at night.

The self-confessing rit­ual killer said he was tasked to hang the body upon ar­rival at the boy’s par­ents’ home­stead.

“Sadock’s body was found dan­gling from the tree the fol­low­ing day and po­lice were called. I was also tasked to re­move the body from the tree. His trousers mys­te­ri­ously started to fell and I was quick to re­po­si­tion it in a bid to cover-up for the miss­ing body parts,” he said.

Ja­cob’s con­fes­sions came barely a fort­night af­ter an­other man only iden­ti­fied as Mag­windiri from the same area was found dead with miss­ing body parts.

Mag­windiri’s body was found on the banks on Honde River.

Chipupuri vil­lage head, Mr Jonah Duri, ex­pressed con­cern over the in­creas­ing rit­ual mur­ders in his area. He said law en­force­ment agen­cies must act quickly to stop the men­ace.

“Of con­cern is the fact that no ar­rests have been made de­spite the po­lice hav­ing been seized with the mat­ter. This man is confessing and is vividly nar­rat­ing what tran­spired but no ac­tion has been taken by the po­lice. Chief Mu­tasa was also seized with the mat­ter but noth­ing has hap­pened. It is still drag­ging hence the killings are con­tin­u­ing in our area,” he said.

Vil­lage head Mun­yuku, who was first seized with the mat­ter, also ex­pressed con­cern over the man­ner the po­lice were han­dling com­plaints of mur­der cases from his area.

He said vil­lagers were liv­ing in fear. “I think some­one is sleep­ing on duty. The po­lice should have acted on this one es­pe­cially when some­one con­fesses to have taken a lead­ing role in the mur­ders. He is giv­ing us clues and leads which can be used to in­ves­ti­gate these un­solved cases,” he said.

The late Sadock’s fa­ther, Mr James Mu­ran­ganwa, said he was look­ing for­ward to ex­huma­tion of his son’s body for proper burial.

“We thought my son had hanged him­self but af­ter these con­fes­sions I am look­ing for­ward to an ex­huma­tion of his body and grant him a proper burial. We are also wor­ried as to why the po­lice have not made any ar­rests bas­ing on the con­fes­sions of this man,” he said.

The late Sadock's fa­ther, James Mu­ran­ganwa

Vil­lage head Mun­yuku

Self-con­fessed rit­ual killer Ja­cob Mu­ran­ganwa

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