Fis­cal­i­sa­tion: Re­port­ing fis­cal de­vice faults or thefts

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All VAT reg­is­tered op­er­a­tors are re­quired by law to use fis­cal de­vices when record­ing sales trans­ac­tions for Value Added Tax (VAT) pur­poses.

THE reg­is­tered op­er­a­tors should en­sure that the ma­chines are in work­ing or­der all the time and should not use any al­ter­na­tive sys­tems, in­clud­ing man­ual record­ing of sales, with­out the ap­proval from the Zim­babwe Rev­enue Au­thor­ity (ZIMRA).

Fis­cal de­vice faults re­fer to any form of de­vice mal­func­tion­ing and it in­cludes among oth­ers fail­ure by de­vices to print Fis­cal Tax In­voices/ Re­ceipts.

Re­port­ing of De­vice Faults

◆ If a de­vice is not in use for more than eight hours due to in­ter­rup­tion in power sup­ply, theft, tech­ni­cal fault or any other rea­son the reg­is­tered op­er­a­tor should re­port to ZIMRA promptly and in any case no later than eight hours from the time the reg­is­ter or de­vice went out of use.

◆ If the in­ter­rup­tion of power sup­ply, theft, fault or other oc­cur­rence caus­ing the reg­is­ter or de­vice not to be in use, oc­curred out­side the oper­at­ing hours of the reg­is­tered op­er­a­tor, the reg­is­tered op­er­a­tor must no­tify ZIMRA no later than 8am af­ter the in­ter­rup­tion, theft, fault or other oc­cur­rence.

◆ To re­port the faults or theft, op­er­a­tors should send an email to fis­calde­viceer­ror@zimra. The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion is re­quired when the re­port is be­ing made:

◆ BP Num­ber

◆ Name of Com­pany

◆ Reg­is­tra­tion num­ber(s) of faulty de­vice(s)

◆ Na­ture of problem

◆ Con­tact de­tails of the re­port­ing per­son

◆ The al­ter­na­tive method to be used for record­ing trans­ac­tions if re­quired by op­er­a­tor

◆ ZIMRA will re­spond to the e-mail, is­sue an Er­ror Ref­er­ence Num­ber and ap­prove or not ap­prove use of the al­ter­na­tive means of record­ing trans­ac­tions.

◆ The reg­is­tered op­er­a­tor should en­gage the ser­vices of an ap­proved sup­plier to rec­tify faults or the Po­lice to re­port thefts.

◆ When the fis­cal de­vice has been re­paired or at­tended to by an ap­proved sup­plier, the Reg­is­tered Op­er­a­tor should again no­tify ZIMRA to en­sure records on er­rors about the de­vice(s) are up­dated.

◆ The Reg­is­tered Op­er­a­tor must keep a record of the ser­vic­ing of the de­vice(s) by ap­proved sup­pli­ers and such a reg­is­ter should be availed to ZIMRA when­ever re­quired. The ser­vic­ing record should in­clude the de­tails il­lus­trated be­low:

Date of Fault, De­vice Reg­is­tra­tion Num­ber, De­vice Se­rial num­ber, Na­ture of Problem, Er­ror Num­ber, Ap­proved Sup­plier, Date Re­solved and Com­ments.

NB: For any per­sons that have al­ready failed to re­port the mal­func­tion­ing and theft of fis­cal de­vices, they are en­cour­aged to cor­rect this sit­u­a­tion by mak­ing re­ports to ZIMRA with im­me­di­ate ef­fect.

For more in­for­ma­tion, please ap­proach your near­est ZIMRA of­fice.

◆ Dis­claimer This ar­ti­cle was com­piled by the Zim­babwe Rev­enue Au­thor­ity for in­for­ma­tion pur­poses only. ZIMRA shall not ac­cept re­spon­si­bil­ity for loss or dam­age aris­ing from use of ma­te­rial in this ar­ti­cle and no li­a­bil­ity will at­tach to the Zim­babwe Rev­enue Au­thor­ity. To con­tact ZIMRA: What­sApp line : +263 782 729 862 Visit our web­site : www. Fol­low us on Twit­ter : @Zim­ra_11 Like us on Face­book : www.face­ Send us an e-mail : web­mas­ Call us (Head Of­fice) : 04 –758891/5; 790813; 790814; 781345; 751624; 752731 e-TIP : <http://ecus­> Please note that all ZIMRA ser­vices are free of charge!!

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