Bed­ding mar­ried women is not a sign of wis­dom

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GET this right all you men of loose morals — bed­ding mar­ried women is not a sign of wis­dom or shrewd­ness.

Rather, it is the hall­mark of tom­fool­ery or ob­tuse­ness.

Yours Truly is just blab­ber­ing, but warn­ing so that you do not fall in the same quag­mire as that broke di­a­mond dealer who used to feast on a lo­cal busi­ness­man’s wife.

The bozzo’s name is rem­i­nis­cent of that no­to­ri­ous and disobe­di­ent char­ac­ter in the bi­ble that was thrown into the sea from a sink­ing Ti­tan, swal­lowed and later thrown up by a whale.

The boy was head-over-heels with this other loose mar­ried woman and the il­licit af­fair dates back to their high school days.

I mean that mus­cu­lar di­a­mond ped­dler whose snob­bish char­ac­ter mis­led him into be­liev­ing that he was the ‘best thing’ to ever hap­pen to il­le­gal ngoda trans­ac­tions in the city.

Yes, the one whose look-a-like brother loves the game of pool with a pas­sion.

The boy’s love af­fair with this unashamed mar­ried woman – whose hubby owns some prop­er­ties in town, in­clud­ing the build­ing near that club that dishes meals in small three-legged pots – was an open pub­lic se­cret.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that the un­cul­tured di­a­mond dealer has fi­nally met his match, and is bat­tling for his dear life at one of the re­fer­ral health cen­tres in the city.

The graphic de­tails of his ill­ness show that he was fixed (aka­sortwa). He is uri­nat­ing and defe­cat­ing in his trousers. Yes, he an­swers the call of na­ture in his pants, and as a rem­edy, med­i­cal au­thor­i­ties have rec­om­mended some di­a­pers for him.

Blab­ber has it on fin­ger­tips that the boy has also lost his mar­bles.

Love or hate it, truth must be told. You don’t date and bed an­other man’s wife and ex­pect to go scot-free. You don’t ex­pect to lead a happy and healthy life.

As the motto goes, Blab­ber will stop at noth­ing to pre­serve the lit­tle that re­mains of our moral fab­ric.

Blab­ber never minds the use in of un­der­world forces to deal with moral de­viants and delin­quents.

If it takes the in­vis­i­ble un­der­world forces to in­cul­cate morals in so­ci­ety, then it’s okay. Our city can­not be a melt­ing pot of morals, un­der our watch, and moreso when the rem­edy lies else­where. Though it is unAfrican to cel­e­brate an­other man’s down­fall, in this con­text, Blab­ber will never shed even a crocodile tear, for so­cial mis­fit. ...en­ter the unashamed shop man­ager Blab­ber has been tipped of this man­ager at a lo­cal mer­chant shop’s shenani­gans.

He is feast­ing on fe­male sub­or­di­nates of dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes, in­clud­ing that mar­ried till op­er­a­tor.

Yes, blab­ber refers to that unashamed dude who su­per­in­tends over that giant re­tail out­let from the city’s oldest pop­u­lous sub­urb.

Yes, that one whose name has some­thing to do with that fuel con­tainer which was at some point banned at ser­vice sta­tion to avert di­ver­sion of fuel on the black mar­ket.

Ac­tu­ally his bosses are aware of his ex­ploita­tive na­ture, and be­fore the ink on this broad­sheet dries, Blab­ber hopes the pow­ers-that-be at re­tail shop – pop­u­larised by its two ini­tials – would have de­scended on him for vi­o­lat­ing the code of con­duct and tar­nish­ing its im­age.

He is abus­ing his of­fice to bed fe­male sub­or­di­nates, among them a mar­ried woman, while ne­glect­ing his youth­ful and flowery wife.

Yours Truly won­ders why the fella would go all the way promis­ing his con­cu­bines heaven on earth, when his in­no­cent wife achipura nyemba ne­mu­sana.

The bed hop­ing miner

Lots of drama is un­fold­ing in that moun­tain­ous area pop­u­lar for il­le­gal min­ing ac­tiv­i­ties. A group of un­faith­ful men from a min­ing as­so­ci­a­tion are pounc­ing on ev­ery un­sus­pect­ing women and quench­ing their in­sa­tiable li­bido in ex­change of the green­back.

Yours Truly has it on good au­thor­ity that the fel­las are do­ing all what they can to con­tinue lead­ing the as­so­ci­a­tion and loot­ing the min­ers’ con­tri­bu­tions.

Word reach­ing Blab­ber has it that they are out to cir­cum­vent elec­tions slated for De­cem­ber for fear of be­ing ex­posed.

The ca­bal is led by this dread­locked and con­tro­ver­sial woman who once hogged the lime­light in the foot­ball cir­cles a few years back.

Yours Truly will go deeper next week. Don’t for­get to take care of your loved ones. Chikuru rudo!

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