Fuel deal­ers smug­gle fuel into Mozam­bique

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UNSCRUPULOUS fuel deal­ers in Chipinge are mak­ing brisk busi­ness by hoard­ing fuel from lo­cal ser­vice sta­tions and smug­gling it into the neigh­bour­ing Mozam­bique.

A snap sur­vey by The Man­ica Post last week re­vealed that the deal­ers were us­ing un­des­ig­nated en­try points to trans­port the pre­cious liq­uid into Mozam­bique.

In an in­ter­view, one of the fuel deal­ers, who re­quested not to be named, said the weak­en­ing of bond notes on par­al­lel mar­ket meant that Zim­bab­wean fuel was cheaper than in Mozam­bique where they get paid in for­eign cur­rency.

“Buy­ing fuel in Mozam­bique is now ex­pen­sive as com­pared to Zim­babwe. We buy fuel at lo­cal ser­vice sta­tions us­ing bond notes and we re­sell it in Mozam­bique in met­i­cals or rands. This is prof­itable in the sense that our bond notes are weak on par­al­lel mar­kets,” he said.

He said deal­ers usu­ally buy fuel in large quan­ti­ties when­ever it is avail­able to avoid run­ning losses when the com­mod­ity be­comes scarce like it has been in the past week.

Chipinge Busi­ness Ini­tia­tive chair­per­son Mr James Gabaza con­firmed the de­vel­op­ment and urged lo­cal ser­vice sta­tions to dis­trib­ute fuel equally.

He called for se­cu­rity forces man­ning the Zim­bab­wean bor­der with Mozam­bique to be more vig­i­lant and tighten

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