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HIE there my dearies, happy school clos­ing week. I know the fes­tive hol­i­day is some­thing worth cel­e­brat­ing for you guys. Happy hol­i­day, kisses and hugs. Xox­ox­oxo


The strongest are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win bat­tles we know noth­ing about. John 3vs 16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that who­ever be­lieves in him should not per­ish but have eter­nal life.” ***

Teacher: Name any an­i­mal that lives in wa­ter.

Kelvin: Hip­popota­mus.

Teacher: Thomas your turn. Thomas: Hip­popokelvin.?? Teacher: Thomas grow up Thomas: He started it


Take time to ap­pre­ci­ate your daddy

You ask for $50 and your dad told you he will see what to do in the morn­ing be­fore he leaves for work. This is af­ter he has thor­oughly scru­ti­nised what you needed the money for.

All the ques­tions he asked were al­ready mak­ing you an­gry.

Through­out the night your dad couldn’t sleep be­cause he was think­ing of how to give you his last $50.

When it was morn­ing, he called you into his room and gave you $45 in­stead of $50.

You were not happy and squeezed your face in dis­con­tent and re­luc­tantly said thank you af­ter com­plain­ing that it was not com­plete.

Your mum af­ter see­ing this does not say any­thing, but meets you in your room where your dad isn’t and give you $10 from her own money and say “don’t mind him, use this one to com­plete it”.

You be­gin to smile, and quickly run to Face­book, In­sta­gram and What­sapp to write...

“I have the best mum in the world, I love my MUM”.

In the mean­time your dad has gone out with just $5 in his pocket and no fuel in his car be­cause of you.

He even uses pub­lic trans­port that day to go to work.

He even works over­time. Af­ter com­ing home late, ev­ery­one keeps say­ing “daddy is never al­ways around ex­cept mum”.

Your good dad will never al­low you to see how much he suf­fers for the fam­ily be­cause he is a man.

Please try to ap­pre­ci­ate your dad be­cause you can never tell what he is go­ing through for your sake. Not be­ing al­ways around like your mum does not mean he does not care about you deeply. — What­sApp.


Hie Ten­tie, I want to greet Kundai, Lynn, Chiedza, Panashe and Tino. — Boaz.


I just want to say good­bye to all my class­mates at Nyamauru High School in 4F and all my friends. I love you guys, see you next year in Form 5. — Lyann Nj­opera.


I want to greet my class­mates Dhinda, Mu­randu and Zve­dondo. — Magora.


Hey Ten­tie, I am Faith Petty Hlaty­wayo and would like to greet Nataly, Praise, Endy, Mirry, Ta­tenda and Ras­dee.


Thanks for all your pic­tures, keep send­ing them in. If your pix are not in this week’s edi­tion of The Week­ender, please check the next is­sue or the one af­ter that. Love y’all so much. Please keep send­ing your stuff to +263 771 580 643.

Kisses and hugs dearies, xox­oxo.

J Cole from Chi­man­i­mani



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