A fool and his money…

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WHAT is it that we hear about this di­a­mond dealer who went through a rough patch re­cently hav­ing fallen ‘‘from riches to rags’’ in the twin­kling of an eye?

I mean the fa­ther of all fools who once made a for­tune out of the il­licit di­a­mond deals and drove dif­fer­ent posh cars around the city be­fore crash­ing on hard times.

Many will re­mem­ber him for that other classy ride that was even­tu­ally sold to this other ‘‘Man of God’’ who also later fell on hard times.

Dur­ing the pe­riod that things did not work out well for him, Blab­ber vividly re­mem­bers how he used to beg touts for a ride to and from the ghetto as he could hardly af­ford to pay that small to­ken for pub­lic trans­port.

Usu­ally spot­ting a worn out yel­low t-shirt, it seems the mo­tor ve­hi­cle spare parts busi­ness project he tried to ven­ture into could hardly pro­vide enough for this boy.

Thank heavens the per­ma­nent fea­ture of this chubby and flabby fella

— the pot-belly — did not dis­ap­pear dur­ing the pe­riod he went through a lean spell.

Word reach­ing Yours Truly is that he has sud­denly found a way out of the quag­mire and once again he is driv­ing nice ve­hi­cles and dat­ing dif­fer­ent types and sizes of thigh ven­dors.

Blab­ber ex­pected him, at least to draw lessons from his past ex­pe­ri­ence, but it ap­pears he has sud­denly for­got­ten the tribu­la­tions he re­cently went through af­ter he went broke.

Gen­tle reader, the boy is once again spend­ing big time, splash­ing cash on ex­pen­sive good­ies as if there is no to­mor­row.

Like they say, a fool and his money soon part ways!

Ser­vice sta­tion or adul­tery ren­dezvous?

Blab­ber has been won­der­ing whether this other lo­cal ser­vice sta­tion still de­serves to be called a fill­ing sta­tion or else folks have to find a new name for it, a name that res­onates with acts of adul­tery go­ing on there.

Blab­ber is not driven by so­cial me­dia pranks and the cy­ber bul­ly­ing sto­ries that we read ev­ery day but real facts and to that end, Blab­ber is as­cer­tain­ing a few is­sues be­fore go­ing to town about it.

Be­lieve me, this is a juicy one that will soon make head­lines ei­ther on your widely read col­umn or else­where in this fam­ily news­pa­per. Lead by ex­am­ple, please Blab­ber is dis­turbed by the level of cor­rup­tion at fuel fill­ing sta­tions dot­ted around the city where this other in­fa­mous law en­forcer has turned her­self into a petrol at­ten­dant.

While we ex­pected her to do the right thing, it is re­gret­table that she is busy chan­nelling the pre­cious liq­uid to the black mar­ket for her own per­sonal gains.

If you think Blab­ber is ma­li­cious and mis­in­form­ing the pub­lic then be pa­tient and wait for Blab­ber to gather all in­for­ma­tion and tie the loose ends be­fore giv­ing you, gen­tle reader, a blow-by-blow ac­count of her modus operandi.

Watch my space!

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