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SOME­WHERE in some minds lies a se­cret lit­tle wish­ful myth. It is a myth that the road to great­ness is a smooth multi-lane high­way in which you can drive as fast as you dare, ar­riv­ing quickly and ef­fort­lessly without de­lay, chal­lenge or work. This only hap­pens in dream­land. Hold­ing such idle thoughts just sets you up for night­mares. The re­al­ity is that the road to any place worth go­ing will oc­ca­sion­ally be a bumpy ride. Ev­ery­one who has achieved any mea­sure of great­ness has a story to tell.

Chal­lenges are part of the jour­ney to great­ness. Stop think­ing like a vic­tim and think­ing that the whole world owes you a favour. You have a role to play in de­liv­er­ing your great­ness. Take per­sonal re­spon­si­bil­ity for do­ing and play­ing your part. You can­not ex­pect oth­ers to fix what is bro­ken while you stare and won­der what they are do­ing. Play your part.

Ob­sta­cles are the step­ping stones you meet on the path to sig­nif­i­cance. There are rivers to cross and th­ese help you learn to swim. They are rocks to climb, th­ese help you learn to scale up. There are moun­tains to face, and th­ese help train your faith and fo­cus. There are lions to face, th­ese help you tame your fears. When the road gets bumpy, get ready to fo­cus and do not stop mov­ing and re­sign from ac­tion. Never lose your con­fi­dence be­cause things are not what you ex­pect them to be. Head ahead, keep your goals aglow be­fore you, keep your faith aflame and go hunt­ing for great­ness with agility.

Au­to­mate great­ness

You au­to­mate your drive to great­ness through the habits of thought, and ac­tion that you em­brace. Peo­ple are not crea­tures of dis­ci­pline, they are crea­tures of habit. It is your habits that de­ter­mine your tim­bre of dis­ci­pline. What you do daily de­ter­mines what you be­come ul­ti­mately. The se­cret to your great­ness is found in the things you do daily and con­sis­tently. Iden­tify and ad­dress the habits that are hold­ing you back. Lim­it­ing habits could be some­thing you do, how you think or what you say to oth­ers and to your­self. Un­til you change, noth­ing else will change. No change mat­ters more than your per­sonal change.

Look around at those who are pro­duc­ing the re­sults that you want to also pro­duce. Look out at their habits, the way they speak, think and do things. Habits of the poor are dif­fer­ent from habits of the rich.

Habits of those go­ing nowhere are dif­fer­ent from those of those go­ing some­where. Habits of those who fly dif­fer from those who drive. Choose your habits and they will choose your des­tiny. The things that they do daily mat­ter and de­ter­mine those you meet. If you do what great peo­ple do, you will ac­cel­er­ate your own as­cent to great­ness. Live on pur­pose and au­to­mate your drive to­wards great­ness by adopt­ing win­ning and em­pow­er­ing habits.

You in­stall new habits by con­sis­tently do­ing some­thing for at least 21 days. You in­stall habits even bet­ter when you do some­thing con­sis­tently for 40 days. Do not try to change ev­ery­thing you do at once. Just pick one of two crit­i­cal habits that you want to de­velop and work those into your life for the next 40 days. For your life to work, turn your life into a project and work on it. Do not try to swal­low an ele­phant be­cause you are hur­ry­ing to­wards great­ness, just take a bite at a time and be con­sis­tent. Change hap­pens daily but not in a sin­gle day. Con­cen­trate your fo­cus and you will move for­ward with speed.

Fo­cus F=for­ward

You go in what­ever di­rec­tion you choose to look. Great­ness is not gam­bling, and suc­cess is not a spec­u­la­tion. Great­ness is a re­sult of fo­cus and not ho­cus-pocus. Pre­serve and pro­tect your fo­cus. Elim­i­nate su­per­sti­tion from your think­ing and stop go­ing around look­ing for spec­u­la­tive de­vices to bol­ster your courage. It is not ev­ery­thing that comes you way that must be done.

Some things you have to dump, oth­ers you have to del­e­gate and those that mat­ter you must do bril­liantly. You will not move ahead without mas­ter­ing the power of “Yes and No”. Your de­fault an­swer to ev­ery­thing can­not just be yes. Be com­fort­able with the use of “yes” when it aligns with your val­ues and goals. Use “No” boldly and coura­geously. You do not have to self-af­flict your­self with guilt be­cause you said, “no!” to some­thing that breaks your fo­cus and is not aligned with your val­ues. If some­thing does not serve you and de­tracts you from your fo­cus on the road ahead, dump it.


Stop play­ing ho­cus-pocus with your life and re­ally fo­cus. Write down your goals, plot your strat­egy. Just the very fact of writ­ing helps you clar­ify your mind. Ev­ery­day com­pile a to-do list. Work from the most im­por­tant item. You may not fin­ish ev­ery­thing on the list, but you will be a lot more fo­cused than some­one without a list. Nar­row the things you need to do. The more fo­cused you are, the clearer your mind will be. Stop play­ing grasshop­per games, jump­ing from place to place without any real fo­cus. Be clear in your mind about your fo­cus and what you are driv­ing to­wards. Other peo­ple may not see what I call your “base of fo­cus” and may think you are tak­ing on too much. When your base of fo­cus is clear, your ac­tions will be co­or­di­nated and co­her­ent. Oth­ers may not see your fo­cus base, do not bother ex­plain­ing this to them, just fo­cus. Fo­cus on the road ahead and keep driv­ing. Do not let any pot­hole put you off the road. Do not let any de­tour de­tract you from driv­ing to­wards your great­ness.

Look ahead

Do not let the tor­rent of the cur­rent over­whelm you. Look at the big pic­ture and the des­ti­na­tion ahead. You are more pow­er­ful than you think. Your mind is able to con­ceive ideas and mod­els that would sur­prise and trans­form you. Har­ness your thought-power and di­rect it to­wards great things. If you knew the power of your mind, you would not abuse it through pur­pose­less worry. If you knew the power of your thoughts, you would not af­ford to squan­der op­por­tu­nity by dwelling on neg­a­tiv­ity. When you fo­cus your mind on cre­ative so­lu­tions, you start to see them ev­ery­where. When you look ahead, you start see­ing beau­ti­ful hori­zons and pos­si­bil­i­ties ahead.

Look ahead be­cause that is where you are headed. Keep the big pic­ture in mind be­cause think­ing small will not serve you. You have the power to be­come any­thing that you dream and dare purse. Do not be stuck on the launch-pad. Do not be stuck in saw­ing saw-dust. Dreams can come true but the first step is to dream them. The neg­a­tiv­ity around you pro­grammes you for medi­ocrity. Cut that evil chain. Be­lieve that you can, be ex­cel­lent and world class at what you do. It must first be a mind­set and a way of think­ing. You will never reach for the skies while perk­ing for worms. Fo­cus on ex­cel­lence and do what­ever you do with ex­cel­lence, bril­liance and com­mit­ment.

Quit fear­ing fail­ure. Do not let the fear of fail­ure in­duce you to think small, be­lieve mi­cro and com­mit to mini ef­forts. Just look ahead to­wards great­ness. Do not scale down your vi­sion to fit the com­fort-lev­els of those who think small, de­sire lit­tle and are con­tent with re­main­ing where they are. If oth­ers are go­ing nowhere, do not be tempted to adopt their driv­ing style or lack­adaisi­cal speed. You have great places to go, and you do not af­ford to be think­ing and be­hav­ing like those that are go­ing nowhere.

Pos­si­bil­ity minded

Stop think­ing about your lim­i­ta­tions and let your mind dwell on pos­si­bil­i­ties and po­ten­tial. It is not what you can­not do that mat­ters but what you can do. It is not what you do not have that mat­ters but us­ing what you have. Do not look down on your­self and what you have in your hands. Do not be so hung up on re­sources that you fail to see that your thoughts and faith are your real lever­age and wealth. The thoughts that you have are fash­ion­ing your world. You will not play in the ele­phant king­dom think­ing like an ant and hav­ing the mind­set of a grasshop­per. Think dif­fer­ently and you will start at­tract­ing dif­fer­ent peo­ple in your life. Re­move the lim­i­ta­tions of scarce re­sources and open your mind to your un­lim­ited po­ten­tial.

Per­sist and keep at it. If you are de­layed, do not aban­don the jour­ney. If the past abused you, do not abuse the fu­ture by let­ting the past tor­ment you in the fu­ture. Rise above your chal­lenges, soar above your storms. Great­ness is your por­tion. Think great­ness. Talk great­ness and do great things. Com­mit­ted to your great­ness. ◆ Mil­ton Kamwendo is a lead­ing in­ter­na­tional trans­for­ma­tional and mo­ti­va­tional speaker, au­thor, and ex­ec­u­tive coach. His life pur­pose is to in­spire and pro­mote great­ness. He can be reached at: [email protected] gmail.com and Twit­ter: @Mil­tonKamwendo or What­sApp at: 0772422634. His web­site is: www. mil­tonkamwendo.com

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