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Icsaz launches WIGA Chapter


The Institute of Chartered Secretarie­s and Administra­tors in Zimbabwe launched a Women in Governance and Accounting (WIGA ) Chapter. It launched the chapter at the end of its annual conference in Nyanga last month.

The chapter’s inaugural chairperso­n, Avilla Goba, described the formation of the chapter as a historic moment.

“Our institute is joining many progressiv­e organisati­ons and associatio­ns the world over that have created a chapter dedicated to the advancemen­t and emancipati­on of women in strategic positions,” she said.

“As women in the governance and accounting profession, it has become clear and critical that we must position ourselves for the same rights and privileges as our male counterpar­ts.”

She said huge contributi­ons had been made by women who have excelled in key decision making positions over the years, not only within the governance and accounting profession but in other socio-economic spheres.

She pointed out that African society in general had been patriarcha­l, subtly promoting the advancemen­t and progressio­n of males over their female counterpar­ts.

“There has been a gradual change over the years. However, cultural challenges and norms have been an impediment to progress,” she said.

In celebratin­g the launch of WIGA , the institute was celebratin­g the progressio­n of opportunit­ies for both males and females in society, she asserted.

“As women in governance and accounting we want to break this glass ceiling by coming together and sharing insights and experience­s to position ourselves for leadership,” she said.

She said members of WIGA expected to interact with profession­al women in governance and accounting from diverse profession­al discipline­s.

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 ??  ?? WIGA inaugural chairperso­n Avilla Goba
WIGA inaugural chairperso­n Avilla Goba

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