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‘Gender equality should be observed’


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The newly introduced climate proofed agricultur­e Pfumvudza initiative is poised to deliver food security to households. Commercial agricultur­e is on the rebound. Horticultu­re exports are back and growing.

“Capital expenditur­e is rising. Production is up and the job market is beginning to firm up. Indeed you as corporate secretarie­s attest to this in the annual reports of the last quarter of 2020.

“All in all, there is a new can-do mood among Zimbabwean­s. Confidence is back. The Second Republic of President Mnangagwa is delivering on the promise of prosperity.

“This is the new socio-economic mood that is gripping the nation. No more despondenc­y. Your theme is “

“These are sprouting shoots of a new and dynamic economy which Zimbabwean­s have longed for.

“Our economy is on the verge of a major take-off. We have the bountiful mineral resources. There are fertile and well-watered soils that germinate every type of seed. We have great tourist attraction­s starting with the spectacula­r Victoria Falls.

“To top it all is a well-educated, organised and hardworkin­g population. Our state is solid and the political stability is tried and proven.

“We enjoy a perfect geographic­al location as Africa lowers trade barriers into the Africa Free Trade Area. We are sharpening our investment attraction environmen­t to both domestic and foreign entreprene­urs hence the mantra Zimbabwe is open for business.

“That is why we are improving on the World Bank’s business friendly index. There is ZIDA [Zimbabwe Investment Developmen­t Authority] and also the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange.

“The requisite ingredient is a proper and fair corporate governance climate that ensures that capital and risk are rightly rewarded. This will engender sustained growth,” she said.

“Vision 2030 lies with none but ourselves as Zimbabwean­s,” she said.

She said the Second Republic of President Mnangagwa is ushering in a period of sustained double digit GDP growth.

“Watch this space,” she said. “The world will soon be mesmerised by a new wonder beyond the majestic Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe is poised to become a new Singapore-type economy.

“The well-educated, enterprisi­ng, hardworkin­g Zimbo woman will be right there to play her fulsome part in the bonanza of economic prosperity,” she said.

“The challenge is to build upon these historical gains. In particular we need to encourage the study of STEM subjects by the girl child. This deepens our pool of productive knowledge while opening equal employment opportunit­ies to women.

“It must be noted that the Happiness Index is highest in those Nordic nation societies that have attained gender parity. So breaking the gender glass ceiling to women is the right and only way to go,” she said.

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 ??  ?? A girl child must be encouraged to study STEM subjects.
A girl child must be encouraged to study STEM subjects.

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