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  • USA TODAY International Edition

Emboldened by growing Senate support for the Iran nuclear agreement, supporters of the deal are pushing to get 41 Democrats on board to prevent the Senate from voting on a resolution disapproving of the pact. The action would prevent President Obama...


  • USA TODAY International Edition

A Macedonian police officer carries a child across the border between Macedonia and Greece. Tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia risk their lives in their journey to seek safety in Europe. On Wednesday, images of a...


  • The Citizens' Voice

MOOSIC — In a season in which it dominated at the plate and out of the bullpen, it was only fitting Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre’s offense and relievers carried it to its most important victory. The Rail Riders belted a season-high 19 hits with every player...

Huckabee backs clerk, says court can’t set law

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

WASHINGTON — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Wednesday came out in support of a Kentucky county clerk’s refusal to obey federal judges, saying she does not have “the constitutional authority” to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The...

Fox Lake mourns fallen officer as hunt continues

  • Chicago Tribune

As the people of Fox Lake grieved the death of a well-known police lieutenant and the search for his killers ground through a second day, authorities acknowledged they were armed with limited information about the targets of the massive manhunt. The...

Refugee Crisis Divides Europe

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

Germany and France pressed the rest of Europe to end squabbling over its exploding migration crisis that is sowing new political divisions across the Continent. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande called for a...

Stocks bounce back

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

NEW YORK — U.S. stocks rebounded Wednesday, recovering a significant portion of their losses from Tuesday. Investors remain on edge after the latest market plunge, triggered by more signs of slowing growth in China. The market still has a lot of...

Economy shows modest growth, Fed reports

  • USA TODAY US Edition

In a report that could help the Federal Reserve decide whether to raise interest rates this month, the central bank said Wednesday the U.S. economy grew a bit more slowly from early July to mid August as consumer spending accelerated but a strong...

Brady ruling is another legal setback for the NFL

  • The Washington Post

The most powerful sports league in the country found itself powerless in federal court again Thursday morning. In nullifying the National Football League’s suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a federal judge handed the NFL its...

‘Love Bug’ star Dean Jones dies

  • Los Angeles Times

Jones, 84, was a stage and screen actor perhaps best known as the race car driver behind the wheel of Herbie.

The Clinton scheme to counterattack Obama over investigation.

  • The Washington Times Daily

Has the Clinton counterattack against President Obama begun? The Clintons have never taken a political hit lying down. But given their weak and panicky reactions to Mr. Obama’s current, well-orchestrated hit on her — the FBI investigation into her...

Hunt widens for three suspects in Illinois police officer’s death

  • Texarkana Gazette

FOX LAKE, Ill.— Authorities broadened the hunt Wednesday for three suspects wanted in the fatal shooting of a popular Illinois police officer, even as they acknowledged that they had no indication the men were still in the area where the slaying...

Why Uber and China’s Didi Kuaidi aren’t sharing a ride

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

As Uber Technologies Inc. chief Travis Kalanick was preparing for an allout push into China, he visited the country’s dominant ride-hailing company in July 2014. Mr. Kalanick suggested Uber invest in the company, the Beijing startup’s chief executive...


  • Austin American-Statesman

In the United Kingdom, it isn’t a five-star social occasion without highly specialized apparel, behavior and forms of address. Hierarchy-minded hosts dream about the appearance of at least one royal. These standards are set by arbiters such as...

Wood you believe it? Earth has 3 trillion trees

  • USA TODAY US Edition

Three trillion. That’s the staggering number of trees on Earth, according to a new tally that astounds even the scientists who compiled it. Three trillion is three followed by 12 zeroes, which is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way and more...

For two sons of Baltimore, a collision of parallel lives

  • The Washington Post

They were born 11 blocks and less than two months apart in a city notoriously perilous for black males. Freddie Gray Jr. and William G. Porter Jr. did not know each other, but their lives circled and mirrored one another for 25 years. Each was named...

Low-income workers see drop in pay

  • Houston Chronicle

Take-home pay for many American workers has effectively fallen since the economic recovery began, a

ECB Signals Readiness To Extend Its Stimulus

  • The Wall Street Journal Europe

FRANKFURT— European Central Bank President Mario Draghi sent a strong signal Thursday that the bank is prepared to expand its already massive bond- buying program, underscoring an increasing divergence in the monetary policies of the world’s largest...

Nola wavers as Phillies fall to New York again

  • The Mercury (Pottstown, PA)

NEW YORK >> Before being declared either a legend or just another crumbly pitching promise, Aaron Nola will cross multiple significant checkpoints. He encountered one Wednesday and was promptly turned away. Matched against the star power of Matt...

Yankees rough up Red Sox, take series

  • New Haven Register (New Haven, CT)

BOSTON>> Stephen Drew and the rest of the bottom of the batting order helped the New York Yankees open an 11-run lead. The Yankees needed almost all of it to leave Fenway Park just one game behind the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL East. “They put up a...

Foreign Funds Feel Chill From Shanghai Turmoil

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

HONG KONG—Months of market turmoil in China and a government crackdown on brokers and investors is complicating the plans of foreign funds and investment banks that had bet on bigger business in China. The chaos and uncertainty marks a sharp detour...

Biden may be testing political waters on Florida trip,

  • Austin American-Statesman

Responding to growing pressure from party donors and officials to dissuade Donald Trump from mounting an independent campaign for president, the Republican National Committee on Wednesday asked each of the party’s presidential candidates to sign a...

An Alaskan village illustrates climate change

  • The Washington Post

The native village of Kotzebue, Alaska, has become an essential stop for policymakers hoping to illustrate the effects of climate change. Natives, who fish and hunt to preserve their culture and feed their families, talked with President Obama about...

Migrant crisis widens E.U. rifts

  • The Washington Post

brussels — The European Union’s sharpening divisions over a spiraling refugee crisis broke into the open Thursday with two leaders strongly disagreeing in public over whether the asylum-seekers were threatening “Europe’s Christian roots.” That was the...

Rauner prevails on major labor bill

  • Chicago Tribune

SPRINGFIELD — Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner scored the biggest legislative win of his short tenure on Wednesday when Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan fell three votes short in a bid to override the governor’s veto of a major labor bill. Amid a...


  • Manteca Bulletin

I’m confused. It comes with trying to follow the logic of Republicans having a massive cow over the Obama Administration’s decision to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. I always thought Republicans prided themselves on minimal federal...

Guatemalan president resigns

  • The Washington Post

Otto Perez Molina appeared before a judge to face corruption accusations.

‘My children slipped from my hands’

  • The Washington Post

Some where between Turkey and Greece, the boat carrying Abdullah Kurdi and his family was filling with water. They wore life vests, and Kurdi was holding his wife’s hands, he later recalled. His children, 3-year-old Aylan and 5-yearold Galip, were...

The Washington Redskins

  • The Washington Post

lost to Jacksonville, 17-16, in their final preseason game.

Obama’s visit to Arctic spotlights tough life in Alaska.

  • The Times-Tribune

KOTZEBUE, Alaska — President Barack Obama crossed the Arctic Circle on Wednesday in a first by a sitting U.S. president, telling residents in a far-flung Alaska village that their plight should be the world’s wakeup call on global warming. Mr. Obama’s...

China Flexes Its Muscle in Parade

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

BEIJING—With an extravagant parade, President Xi Jinping made the most forceful display yet of China’s expanding military muscle and his own grip on power, after weeks of rising concern about economic challenges and disunity at the top. The spectacle...

Charges stand against Baltimore policemen

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Baltimore police block protesters Wednesday as activist Kwame Rose is detained in the purported assault of an officer during a rally outside the city courthouse. A judge Wednesday refused to dismiss charges against six police officers in the death of...

Tobacco firms get breathing room

  • USA TODAY International Edition

The tobacco industry is breathing easier after the end of a federal assessment that forced cigarette manufacturers, cigar companies and chew makers to make 10 years of payments to farmers, averaging nearly $ 1 billion annually. The expiration of the...


  • New York Post

NYPD cops yesterday rousted a homeless horde that has long tormented Metro-North commuters and Harlem residents — more than six weeks after it was exposed by The Post. The raid on the litterstrewn hangout near the 125th Street station followed Mayor...

No debating it, Democrats need more debates

  • USA TODAY US Edition

With so much attention focused on Donald Trump and his domination of the Republican conversation, you may not have heard that the Democrats are also having a presidential primary. But they are, and a debate is developing over whether the Democratic...

Biden’s backers say donors ready

  • USA TODAY US Edition

Vice President Biden’s backers, racing to line up financial support for his possible 2016 bid, said they are gaining traction among the Democratic fundraisers who helped secure millions for President Obama’s two White House campaigns. “There will be a...