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Why foes of the Iran nuclear deal fell short

  • Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON — Determined foes of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran had vowed to use August to fire up public opposition and to build a bipartisan majority in Congress to sink the landmark pact. Instead, the effort fizzled. The result gave a...

Huckabee backs clerk, says court can’t set law

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

WASHINGTON — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on Wednesday came out in support of a Kentucky county clerk’s refusal to obey federal judges, saying she does not have “the constitutional authority” to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The...

With 4-3 win over Padres, Rangers 2 games back

  • The Dallas Morning News

SAN DIEGO — And now it is two. After overcoming a runners-in-scoring-position phobia, the Rangers got a 10th inning RBI double from Mitch Moreland on Wednesday to put away the San Diego Padres 4-3 and put the Houston Astros and the AL West lead...

Stocks bounce back

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

NEW YORK — U.S. stocks rebounded Wednesday, recovering a significant portion of their losses from Tuesday. Investors remain on edge after the latest market plunge, triggered by more signs of slowing growth in China. The market still has a lot of...

Fox Lake mourns fallen officer as hunt continues

  • Chicago Tribune

As the people of Fox Lake grieved the death of a well-known police lieutenant and the search for his killers ground through a second day, authorities acknowledged they were armed with limited information about the targets of the massive manhunt. The...

‘Love Bug’ star Dean Jones dies

  • Los Angeles Times

Jones, 84, was a stage and screen actor perhaps best known as the race car driver behind the wheel of Herbie.

Economy shows modest growth, Fed reports

  • USA TODAY US Edition

In a report that could help the Federal Reserve decide whether to raise interest rates this month, the central bank said Wednesday the U.S. economy grew a bit more slowly from early July to mid August as consumer spending accelerated but a strong...

Refugee Chaos Fuels Policy Clash

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

Hundreds of migrants seeking to reach Germany rushed trains at Hungary’s main international rail station on Thursday after police stopped manning the door, as the country’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban blamed Europe’s migration crisis on Berlin. German...


  • Manteca Bulletin

I’m confused. It comes with trying to follow the logic of Republicans having a massive cow over the Obama Administration’s decision to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. I always thought Republicans prided themselves on minimal federal...


  • Austin American-Statesman

In the United Kingdom, it isn’t a five-star social occasion without highly specialized apparel, behavior and forms of address. Hierarchy-minded hosts dream about the appearance of at least one royal. These standards are set by arbiters such as...


  • New York Daily News

THE IMAGE of a drowned little boy who washed up on a Turkish beach became the haunting symbol Wednesday of an unfolding humanitarian crisis that is shaking Europe. Dressed in a bright red shirt and blue shorts, the toddler identified as 3-yearold...

Wood you believe it? Earth has 3 trillion trees

  • USA TODAY US Edition

Three trillion. That’s the staggering number of trees on Earth, according to a new tally that astounds even the scientists who compiled it. Three trillion is three followed by 12 zeroes, which is more than the number of stars in the Milky Way and more...

Migrant chaos rises in Europe

  • Austin American-Statesman

Thousands of people wait in an ad hoc city outside a train station as Hungary refuses to let them move on.

Hunt widens for three suspects in Illinois police officer’s death

  • Texarkana Gazette

FOX LAKE, Ill.— Authorities broadened the hunt Wednesday for three suspects wanted in the fatal shooting of a popular Illinois police officer, even as they acknowledged that they had no indication the men were still in the area where the slaying...

Maryland SAT scores decline for third year

  • Baltimore Sun

Scores for Maryland’s graduating high school seniors on SAT tests have declined for the third year in a row, and results released today suggest that less than half of Maryland students are leaving high school ready for college. The College Board,...

Charges stand against Baltimore policemen

  • Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Baltimore police block protesters Wednesday as activist Kwame Rose is detained in the purported assault of an officer during a rally outside the city courthouse. A judge Wednesday refused to dismiss charges against six police officers in the death of...

Rauner prevails on major labor bill

  • Chicago Tribune

SPRINGFIELD — Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner scored the biggest legislative win of his short tenure on Wednesday when Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan fell three votes short in a bid to override the governor’s veto of a major labor bill. Amid a...

Capsized boats compound crisis

  • The Dallas Morning News

A Turkish police officer carries the body of a dead Syrian child after a boat carrying refugees sank while nearing the Greek island of Kos. The crisis is building in Europe as migrants flee the Middle East and Africa.

Obama’s visit to Arctic spotlights tough life in Alaska.

  • The Times-Tribune

KOTZEBUE, Alaska — President Barack Obama crossed the Arctic Circle on Wednesday in a first by a sitting U.S. president, telling residents in a far-flung Alaska village that their plight should be the world’s wakeup call on global warming. Mr. Obama’s...

Low-income workers see drop in pay

  • Houston Chronicle

Take-home pay for many American workers has effectively fallen since the economic recovery began, a

The Clinton scheme to counterattack Obama over investigation.

  • The Washington Times Daily

Has the Clinton counterattack against President Obama begun? The Clintons have never taken a political hit lying down. But given their weak and panicky reactions to Mr. Obama’s current, well-orchestrated hit on her — the FBI investigation into her...


  • USA TODAY International Edition

A Macedonian police officer carries a child across the border between Macedonia and Greece. Tens of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia risk their lives in their journey to seek safety in Europe. On Wednesday, images of a...

Egg group scrambled over eggless mayonnaise maker

  • The Hazleton Standard-Speaker

NEW YORK — A California company that makes an eggless mayonnaise alternative has the U.S. egg industry scrambling. The American Egg Board, which is responsible for the “Incredible, Edible Egg” slogan, waged a campaign to counter the emergence of...


  • New York Post

NYPD cops yesterday rousted a homeless horde that has long tormented Metro-North commuters and Harlem residents — more than six weeks after it was exposed by The Post. The raid on the litterstrewn hangout near the 125th Street station followed Mayor...

Foreign Funds Feel Chill From Shanghai Turmoil

  • The Wall Street Journal Asia

HONG KONG—Months of market turmoil in China and a government crackdown on brokers and investors is complicating the plans of foreign funds and investment banks that had bet on bigger business in China. The chaos and uncertainty marks a sharp detour...

As downtown gentrifies, opposite worlds collide

  • Los Angeles Times

As Lauren Mishkind was walking along 7th Street this summer in downtown Los Angeles, a man pulled a handgun and pointed it at another person standing behind her. Terrified, she hid behind a car while the assailant tackled the victim. “I was just...

Perhaps violence is the American way

  • The Middletown Press (Middletown, CT)

In the past 30days, an average of three people were shot to death by police each day in the United States.

Squeeze of lemon

  • The Daily Herald

Fitting in: With the intention of helping customers better choose the fit of their pants, Vancouver-based Lululemon is categorizing its yoga pants and athletic wear by its “engineered sensations,” from “comfortable embrace” to “held in” Most of us...

Border babies’ stories

  • Los Angeles Times

RIO GRANDE CITY, Texas — The mother arrived at the hospital last week in need of an emergency caesarean section, saying she had crossed the border to run an errand in town, not so her baby would be born an American citizen. She assured the doctor that...

Screaming for social justice on campaign trail

  • Los Angeles Times

When activists from the Black Lives Matter movement arrived at a campaign rally for Hillary Rodham Clinton last month with plans to disrupt the event, they were blocked at the door by Secret Service agents and herded into an overflow room. No room,...

Carmakers fret over China’s woes

  • Los Angeles Times

China’s steady growth in car purchases was already slowing before its recent markets crisis.

300,000 listed in VA computers have died

  • The Washington Times Daily

More than 300,000 dead veterans are still listed in VA computers as actively trying to sign up for health care — part of a massive 860,000-claim backlog that hasn’t been cleared up, according to an audit Wednesday that portrayed a department struggling...


  • Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is poised to raise property taxes by $500 million for police and fire pensions and school construction and impose a garbage collection fee to generate $100 million more, City Hall sources said Wednesday. The $500 million property...

Documents: Professor also warned police of Holmes

  • Santa Fe New Mexican

DENVER — More than a month before James Holmes’ rampage on a Colorado movie theater, the head of his neuroscience graduate program called a campus police officer with alarming information: Holmes had told his psychiatrist that he wanted to kill people...


  • USA TODAY International Edition

Emboldened by growing Senate support for the Iran nuclear agreement, supporters of the deal are pushing to get 41 Democrats on board to prevent the Senate from voting on a resolution disapproving of the pact. The action would prevent President Obama...

Attacking the past

  • Global Times US Edition

The most famed temple in Syria’s Palmyra has been blown up, the United Nations said Monday, showing satellite images of the damage as the Islamic State group presses a campaign to tear down the treasured heritage site. A powerful blast in the ancient...

New collars monitor furry friends for pain, other problems,

  • Texarkana Gazette

LOS ANGELES—You can use wearables with GPS to keep track of wandering dogs. Others help you track animals' physical activity. Now, two companies have the latest in wearable pet technology: collars that can check for a fever, monitor pulse and...