HOW Can I Cre­ate a bub­ble ma­te­rial?

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If you are look­ing to cre­ate a re­al­is­tic bub­ble for a movie, game or any other ap­pli­ca­tion where 3D ef­fects are re­quired, this ma­te­rial is what you need. There are many ways to cre­ate this type of ma­te­rial, but here I will show you a method that doesn’t re­quire any ex­ter­nal tex­tures.

First of all, cre­ate a new ma­te­rial slot in the Node Ed­i­tor panel and then re­name it Bub­ble Ma­te­rial. Start adding these nodes: a shader Glossy BSDF, a shader Trans­par­ent BSDF, a Hue Sat­u­ra­tion Value, the in­ter­nal tex­ture Noise Tex­ture (this one will be du­pli­cate), a Mix Shader, a colour gamma and ob­vi­ously the Ma­te­rial Out­put.

Now that we’ve added these el­e­ments, we can start cre­at­ing the fi­nal ma­te­rial.

First, we need to mix the shader Glossy BSDF with the shader Trans­par­ent BSDF us­ing the Mix Shader. Next, link the first Noise Tex­ture with the Hue Sat­u­ra­tion Value (linked in colour) and this one with the Glossy BSDF shader. Now we can link the sec­ond Noise Tex­ture with the colour gamma, and then link this one to the Dis­place­ment of the Ma­te­rial Out­put. Lastly, we need to con­nect the Mix Shader to the Ma­te­rial Out­put.

Once we have fin­ished link­ing ev­ery el­e­ment of the ma­te­rial, we can start to fix all the dif­fer­ent val­ues. In Mix Shader we can set a value of 0.400, while in the colour gamma we can fix a value be­tween 0.400 and 0.600, and in the first Noise Tex­ture (the first one linked to the Hue Sat­u­ra­tion Value) we need to fix these val­ues: Scale: 0.100, De­tail: 0.000 and Dis­tor­tion: 25.000. In the sec­ond Noise Tex­ture we have to fix these val­ues: Scale: 0.500, De­tail: 0.000 and Dis­tor­tion: 25.000. In the Hue Sat­u­ra­tion Value we need to in­crease the Sat­u­ra­tion Value to 1.200 and the gen­eral Value to 2.000. The last one el­e­ment that we have to fix is the Glossy BSDF, fix­ing a Rough­ness value of 0.000.

Now we can start the ren­der­ing phase and see the fi­nal re­sult.

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