Is there a Way to speed up ren­der­ing my arc vis In v-ray?

3D World - - ARTIST Q&A - Paul Hat­ton replies

As of ver­sion 3.5 of V-ray, one of the best ways to speed up your ren­der­ing is to use Adap­tive Lights. This is par­tic­u­larly true if you have a lot of lights in your scene. We’ve all been there where we’ve had to fill our scene with a huge num­ber of lights, most of which are the same light type with the same set­tings. It can take what feels like for­ever for them to ren­der. Adap­tive Lights helps us avoid this prob­lem.

So what ex­actly are they? Well, with Adap­tive Lights, V-ray de­ter­mines which light sources are most im­por­tant, so ray trac­ing cal­cu­la­tions are fo­cused and more pre­cise. V-ray had pre­vi­ously in­tro­duced an im­proved so­lu­tion called ‘Prob­a­bilis­tic Lights’, which for ev­ery ray hit would ran­domly pick a small fixed num­ber of lights for the so­lu­tion. This was a mas­sive im­prove­ment but it was prone to in­tro­duce ad­di­tional noise in the im­age and there­fore the Anti-aliaser could end up work­ing harder than be­fore!

In comes Adap­tive Lights. This is a sim­i­lar so­lu­tion to the Prob­a­bilis­tic ver­sion, but it is more so­phis­ti­cated about the lights that it se­lects to con­trib­ute to the so­lu­tion. It does this by us­ing the data that is gath­ered dur­ing the light cache pass. So rather than pick­ing lights ran­domly for each ray hit, with Adap­tive Lights V-ray will pick the de­sired num­ber of lights that are most likely to af­fect the shaded point. This results in a quicker ren­der as well as a less noisy so­lu­tion. Per­fect!

So you’re prob­a­bly won­der­ing how you use them. Firstly head over to the Global Switches roll­out un­der the V-ray tab in the Ren­der Setup win­dow. With it set to Ad­vanced, make sure that Adap­tive Lights is set in the drop-down. Next to it you have the op­por­tu­nity to set the num­ber of lights that you want V-ray to in­clude in the cal­cu­la­tion for each ray hit. This is 16 by de­fault but you will want to ad­just this for each of your scenes.

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