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Learn the fun­da­men­tals of Sub­stance De­signer

T he need for high-qual­ity tex­tures is one that will al­ways play a part in your life as a 3D artist. Whether for games, TV, or film, mod­els will need a ren­der­able sur­face.

On oc­ca­sion, a ba­sic shader may suf­fice but some­times the only so­lu­tion will be to get your hands dirty and man­u­ally paint the tex­tures you need. That is fine for a lot of the time, as a pro­ce­dural tex­ture will be the best fit for the task at hand.

On these oc­ca­sions, Sub­stance De­signer can of­fer the tools to re­ally help you get the job done but, as with any new soft­ware, you’ll have a lit­tle learn­ing to do. With that in mind, we have teamed up with Plu­ral­sight to bring you this course on get­ting started with Sub­stance De­signer.

Sub­stance De­signer is be­ing widely adopted by al­most every AAA stu­dio across the world. In this course, Sub­stance De­signer Fun­da­men­tals, you’ll learn the most im­por­tant ba­sics of Sub­stance De­signer, cre­at­ing a fully pro­ce­dural tileable brick ma­te­rial. First, you’ll ex­plore how to set up a new project us­ing tem­plates, Sub­stances project man­age­ment as well as lo­gis­tics so­lu­tion. Next, you’ll dis­cover the most im­por­tant nodes while cre­at­ing your brick ma­te­rial, which can in­clude any­thing from sim­ple noises to tools for map­ping and pro­ce­du­rally plac­ing edge wear, dirt and grime. Then, you’ll learn how to op­ti­mise your graph to be used in other ap­pli­ca­tions. Fi­nally, you’ll cover ex­port­ing and sav­ing out your tex­tures. By the end of this course, you’ll be com­fort­able nav­i­gat­ing around Sub­stance De­signer and us­ing the node-based sys­tem while hav­ing made your very first ma­te­rial.

No mat­ter what 3D soft­ware you use, you will find this course of use, as you will learn how to ex­port the ex­act files you need. Soft­ware re­quired: Sub­stance De­signer 5/6.

another brick in the wall learn how to cre­ate all the pro­ce­dural tex­tures needed for this ma­te­rial

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