Cre­ate a Liq­uid trail along a spline

Javier San­taella de­scribes how to cre­ate a re­al­is­tic liq­uid flow along a path us­ing Next Limit’s Realflow plug-in for Cinema 4D

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Javier San­taella gives us a step-by-step guide to cre­at­ing an im­age with a re­al­is­tic flow­ing liq­uid trail along a spline us­ing the Realflow plugin for Cinema 4D

t his tu­to­rial runs through the cre­ation of a stu­dio where a liq­uid will fol­low a path and end by fill­ing a glass. With Realflow you can cre­ate re­al­is­tic fluid and physics sim­u­la­tions that can be lit and ren­dered di­rectly in­side Cinema 4D.

You will learn scene setup, how to model a glass us­ing C4D tools, Realflow scene setup and mesh cre­ation, how to ap­ply ma­te­ri­als, how to cre­ate dif­fer­ent cam­eras for macro and wide shots, light­ing and the Cinema 4D Phys­i­cal ren­der setup plus some tricks on how to grade the fi­nal ren­der im­ages.

The Ds­pline dae­mon in­side Realflow is the per­fect choice if you want to have a liq­uid so­lu­tion fol­low­ing a given path. This dae­mon en­ables us to con­trol a par­ti­cle’s path us­ing forces that can be mixed to con­trol the ro­ta­tion of the par­ti­cles around a spline, plus the strength of the forces to at­tract the par­ti­cles to­wards the path.

The tu­to­rial in­cludes the Realflow Cinema 4D plug-in work­flow with dif­fer­ent dae­mons to achieve the fi­nal re­sult in­side Cinema 4D, with­out the need to go back and forth be­tween 3D plat­forms. Along the tu­to­rial you’ll learn the power of us­ing Realflow di­rectly in­side C4D.

Javier is a graphic de­signer, mo­tion artist and flame op­er­a­tor with ex­pe­ri­ence in rep­utable film com­pa­nies and im­por­tant brands for the Euro­pean and Amer­i­can mar­ket over the last 15 years. Strongly in­flu­enced by the de­sign world, he also teaches and...

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