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EVAKOOL has adapted its ther­mally bril­liant high-gloss fi­bre­glass ice box by at­tach­ing a Dan­foss com­pres­sor. It’s proven to use min­i­mal power and it now in­cor­po­rates dig­i­tal electronic dis­play. Qual­ity in­su­la­tion means it should use lit­tle power in high am­bi­ent temps.

The de­sign of the lid, which in­cor­po­rates two hard nod­ules un­der the rub­ber seal, pre­vents over-com­press­ing of that seal but the rub­ber may be­come worn over time. Twin elas­tic lid straps are used to main­tain firm pres­sure on the lid when closed, but they are a lit­tle fid­dly.

This Evakool is a fridge/freezer, but we re­moved the di­vid­ing wall to use it only as a fridge. It’s the only fridge on test that can dou­ble as a com­bi­na­tion fridge and freezer.

The ex­ter­nal cowl­ing hous­ing the com­pres­sor has an in­ter­nal fan to blow com­pres­sor-gen­er­ated heat out, which also keeps heat away from the cooler sec­tion.

A 240-volt adap­tor (in­cluded) is needed to run from mains power, while a marin­is­ing op­tion is avail­able. High, medium and low com­pres­sor speeds can be se­lected.

Twin re­mov­able wire bas­kets make for easy load­ing/un­load­ing, and the re­mov­able wall makes for great al­ter­nate uses as a fridge/freezer. The screw-on 12-volt plug is the best in the busi­ness and can’t ac­ci­dently be knocked off like many oth­ers. A cir­cuit breaker is mounted to the side wall.

A bung in the side wall emp­ties spilt liq­uids, while the smooth in­ter­nal fin­ish aids in easy clean­ing – ex­cept around where the sep­a­rate evap­o­ra­tor panel is fit­ted.

That plate be­ing sep­a­rate from the wall al­lows for in­creased air cir­cu­la­tion, as does the pair of bas­kets that hold the contents just off the base. On the down­side, tall juice bot­tles don’t have enough clear­ance to stand up­right. How­ever, the outer lid could still close.


HAV­ING re­turned ex­cel­lent power con­sump­tion re­sults, it’s hard to go past the ther­mal in­su­la­tion prop­er­ties of this fridge. How­ever, im­prov­ing the lid seal with an open air-pocket rub­ber (as per many oth­ers) and elim­i­nat­ing the nod­ules un­der the seal would be worth con­sid­er­ing. Other than that, there’s noth­ing to change.

Cir­cuit breaker switch is a clever safety mea­sure. Dig­i­tal dis­play is a re­cent ad­di­tion to Evakool’s range. Twin re­mov­able bas­kets let you get snacks in a hurry. One of two lid straps used to keep the lid firmly shut.

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