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GIVEN the Na­tional Luna 40-litre fridge is due for a re­vamp we opted for the newly re­leased 52-litre stain­less steel ver­sion.

With a 60mm-thick wall, high-den­sity in­su­la­tion and com­plete cov­er­age of integrated in­ter­nal wall cool­ing plates, it should use min­i­mal power and show consistent temps in all parts of the fridge.

The smooth mir­ror-fin­ished in­ter­nal walls are eas­ily cleaned, while there is no protrud­ing evap­o­ra­tor plate to dam­age. Three black ABS plas­tic bas­kets are fit­ted: two stacked on one side and a smaller unit for the dairy sec­tion.

12/24-volt DC and 240-volt AC are all built-in. The unit will au­to­mat­i­cally select to run on mains power when­ever it is avail­able (if both plugs are plugged in) but it will re­vert to bat­tery power if the mains go off. The con­trols also de­tect bat­tery volt­age: when the bat­tery is charg­ing (via the en­gine) the com­pres­sor will run at high speed for max­i­mum per­for­mance, but it will re­vert to Bat­tery Save mode when the en­gine or charger is off – Turbo mode can be used to over-ride this func­tion.

The side-mounted dig­i­tal ther­mo­stat is eas­ily set and pro­vides info on bat­tery volt­age, lid alarm, bat­tery pro­tec­tion lev­els and fault-code LEDS. It also fea­tures a turbo but­ton to over-ride the au­to­matic com­pres­sor speed to in­crease cool­ing, as well as an LED temp con­trol and read­out.

The wide rub­ber seals at­tached to the lid are sim­i­lar to res­i­den­tial fridges, with an air pocket to keep cool air in and hot air out. Triple hinges hold the lid open in lieu of a ca­ble stay. The dual over-cen­tre, lock­able stain­less-steel catches com­press the rub­ber to en­sure an air­tight seal, while stain­less-steel, spring-loaded, fold-flat han­dles dou­ble as tie-down points.

This is the only fridge supplied as stan­dard with a proper Merit plug for use with 12-/24-volt power.


THE triple bas­kets can be sep­a­rated, but they don’t per­mit tall bot­tles to stand up­right. A flip-up base of the up­per bas­ket would be more prac­ti­cal, but that all de­pends on what you’re try­ing to pack in. The price is high com­par­a­tively, but you’re get­ting a top-of-the-range unit.


Three ABS plas­tic bas­kets max­imise stor­age space. Sep­a­rate bas­kets makes for easy con­tent re­trieval. FRIDGE SIZE TESTED other sizes avail­able (in litres) EX­TER­NAL DI­MEN­SIONS (H x W x D) mm 506 x 710 x 385 AD­JUSTABLE BAT­TERY PRO­TEC­TION Yes EX­TER­NAL CABI­NET / LID MA­TE­RI­ALS Stain­less steel IN­TER­NAL WALL MA­TE­RI­ALS Stain­less steel WEIGHT 26kg COM­PRES­SOR TYPE SECOP BD35 POWER SUP­PLY 12V, 24V DC and 240V AC WAR­RANTY Three years FUR­THER IN­FOR­MA­TION­tion­al­ RRP $1845 Dig­i­tal panel fea­tures a turbo but­ton to up the ante. 52 40 50 55 60 65 72 80 90 110 125

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