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WHEN your ve­hi­cle is on solid ground or at least where you want it, you’ll need to re-se­cure it before you can back off the winch line. De­pend­ing on the ter­rain, this can be as sim­ple as en­sur­ing it’s in park with the hand­brake ap­plied, al­though chock­ing the wheels would be rec­om­mended.

It might be nec­es­sary to re-rig the winch to pull you fur­ther up the track before at­tempt­ing to drive un­der your own power. After all, if the track was tricky enough to catch you once, you don’t want to let it catch you twice.

After se­cur­ing the ve­hi­cle and back­ing off the line, do a thor­ough vis­ual in­spec­tion before spool­ing your line back onto the winch. In re­cov­er­ies like this it’s easy to miss a stray tree or rock rub­bing on the line, which may have cut or dam­aged it. De­pend­ing on the dam­age, the line can be short­ened or spliced to get you out of trou­ble, al­though should be re­placed as soon as possible.

The se­quence be­low shows how the rear of the ve­hi­cle was dragged side­ways on to the track, to con­tinue on its way forward.


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