One-of-a-kind Y62 is more ca­pa­ble than a locked GU and has more grunt than a Fer­rari 488 GTB.


WHAT has the abil­ity to travel to any cor­ner of Aus­tralia, take on tracks that’d leave twin-locked GU Pa­trols scratch­ing their heads, a re­fined in­te­rior and more power than a Fer­rari 488 GTB? If you answered any­thing but An­drew Cas­sar’s in­sane supercharged 5.6L Y62 Patrol, you’d be sadly mis­taken.

De­spite be­ing the spir­i­tual de­scen­dant of one of Aus­tralia’s most pop­u­lar 4x4s, the Y62 has had some­thing of a rocky start. Its dras­tic change to fully in­de­pen­dent sus­pen­sion and petrol-only en­gine choice had many peo­ple scratch­ing their heads, won­der­ing just what the hell was go­ing on over at Nis­san. An­drew wasn’t one of them. As the owner of On Track 4x4 Re­pairs in Kealba, Vic­to­ria, and a long­time winch truck com­peti­tor, An­drew is no stranger to mod­i­fied 4x4s and could see the po­ten­tial lurk­ing un­der­neath the new Patrol.

“It was be­tween this and the 200 Series,” An­drew told us. “The crea­ture com­forts were bet­ter in the Y62 and it just rep­re­sented bet­ter value for money. It’s a huge step up from the GU Patrol in ev­ery way and makes the cur­rent 200 Series look dated.”

If it sounds like An­drew might be a lit­tle smitten with his Patrol it’s be­cause he has rea­son to. Lurk­ing un­der the bon­net is Nis­san’s VK56 5.6L V8 en­gine, de­liv­er­ing 300kw in stock form. This en­gine is that far ahead of the game there are mod­i­fied ver­sions cur­rently run­ning around the V8 Su­per­car cir­cuit that bump that fig­ure up to 480kw, but even they pale in com­par­i­son to the power un­der­neath An­drew’s right foot.

“When we first got it we threw it on the dyno and it pushed out 160kw at all four wheels af­ter driv­e­train loss,” An­drew said. “We then fit­ted it with a Har­rop 2.3L su­per­charger kit and had the stock ECU re­tuned by Har­rop; it’s now putting out 350kw at the wheels.”

That’s a huge 118 per cent in­crease in power – and still comes in cheaper than a com­pa­ra­ble 200 Series. You might be for­given for think­ing power like that must take a bal­ance of mod­i­fi­ca­tions, but the Patrol driv­e­line is ba­si­cally stock other than the Har­rop su­per­charger and tune and HM ex­haust sys­tem. The en­gine, trans­mis­sion and trans­fer case all re­main un­opened.

“It goes great,” An­drew said. “It sounds like a HSV, goes like a HSV. It’s com­fort­able, put the fam­ily in, tow the boat, do what­ever you want and the fuel bill isn’t that bad con­sid­er­ing. It’s up around 21L/100km and I drive it like I stole it!”

That’s a fair trade-off for a ve­hi­cle weigh­ing three tonnes with V8 Su­per­car power. De­spite this the Patrol still has a range of well over 1000km be­tween drinks, with a 150L LRA aux­il­iary fuel tank tak­ing the to­tal ca­pac­ity up to 290 litres.

While in­de­pen­dent sus­pen­sion and a host of elec­tronic aids make the Y62 per­form bet­ter on- and off-road than the older mod­els could only dream of, the 35-inch tyres are a nod to out-and-out off-road per­for­mance. “We ac­tu­ally run two sets of tyres de­pend­ing on use,” An­drew told us. “If we’re head­ing to the snow or mud I’ve got a set of 35/12.5R18 Bf­goodrich mud ter­rains on the stock rims. I’ve also got a sec­ond set of rims with 305/70R18 Mickey Thomp­son ATZ P3s we’ll use for run­ning around town or beach work.”

It’s now putting out 350kw at the wheels. That’s a 118 per cent in­crease in power

Be­tween both sets of 35in tyres, the fac­tory rear diff lock and the Har­rop Elocker up front, the Patrol is a sight to be­hold off-road. “It as­ton­ishes me how far it goes,” he added. “I drive tracks all the time that I never thought you could get a fully in­de­pen­dent 4x4 up and it does it with ease. I don’t miss the solid axles.”

Ask­ing the huge Y62 wheel arches to take a 35-inch tyre was a lit­tle more than they could han­dle, so An­drew raised the Patrol by a full 50mm on each end. It’s rid­ing on Old Man Emu springs with match­ing Nitrocharger Sport shocks on each cor­ner. Like most mod­ern in­de­pen­dent sus­pen­sion set-ups, 50mm is the max the Y62 can be lifted before run­ning into is­sues with align­ment and an­gles. How­ever, An­drew tells us it’s cur­rently on the hoist again, swap­ping out the Nitrocharg­ers for a set of re­mote reser­voir fully ad­justable BP-51S.

While the bar work may look neat and or­derly it’s ac­tu­ally a com­pi­la­tion of off-theshelf and cus­tom, some­thing that seems to be a run­ning theme with An­drew. Up front there’s a colour-coded ARB Deluxe bull­bar that plays host to a Mag­num 10,000lb winch. An­drew ditched the stock Mag­num motor and swapped it out for a 6hp unit from a Warn 9.5XP for a lit­tle more power,

although he as­sured us it’s rarely used for any­thing other than clear­ing trees off tracks. Pro­tect­ing the Patrol’s flanks are match­ing scrub bars and slid­ers. With no off-the-shelf so­lu­tion for these the team from On Track 4x4 cus­tom-made them to suit. The rear end now looks the part, with a full rear bar from Kay­mar guard­ing the rear quar­ters and car­ry­ing the spare tyre.

Get­ting the spare out of the re­cess in the rear floor wasn’t just for looks, ei­ther. In its place now re­sides five Full­river 20Ah bat­ter­ies for a to­tal of 100Ah in re­serve. The set-up is con­trolled by a Redarc BCDC 1225 charger with pro­vi­sions for so­lar and smart start, so at the flick of a but­ton the big Patrol can jump­start it­self. While the bat­tery sys­tem packs more than enough power for the Light­force 240s up front and Icom IC440 UHF in­side, there’s no ex­ten­sive stor­age sys­tem like you’d ex­pect.

“There needs to be room in the back for a pram,” An­drew said with a laugh.

“The Patrol does fam­ily du­ties, so it’s nor­mally got three kid­die seats in there and the back’s full of gro­ceries.”

If the fu­ture of 4x4s in Aus­tralia is as fully in­de­pen­dent gro­cery-get­ters with un­godly amounts of power and abil­ity, then it’s look­ing rosy.

“I drive on tracks I never thought you could get a fully in­de­pen­dent 4x4 up, and it does it with ease”

Lat­est-gen Patrol comes with car-like con­trols and fea­tures.

Har­rop 2.3L su­per­charger kit and a re­tune spiked the ponies.

Hav­ing two sets of tyres adds bush to ’burbs ver­sa­til­ity.

No show pony, the Patrol reg­u­larly cops a coat of mud or dust.

Clever CTEK unit al­lows you to keep tabs on your bat­tery charge via a smart­phone app.

Fully in­de­pen­dent Y62 goes where solid axles fear to tread.

Bar work’s a mix of cus­tom and off-theshelf, front and rear.

Five Full­river 20Ah bat­ter­ies re­side in the spare-tyre re­cess.

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