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I’M SURE I’m like a lot of four-wheel­ers who carry a Hi-lift Jack but rarely need to use it. Must say, though, when you do have to avail your­self of the thing, there is noth­ing that could take its place. But they re­main a pretty dan­ger­ous de­vice, mean­ing you re­ally should get some in­struc­tion and prac­tice before the need arises to op­er­ate one out in the scrub.

One of their less pos­i­tive at­tributes is that they tend to be un­sta­ble – the higher you jack a ve­hi­cle, the more the in­sta­bil­ity be­comes ap­par­ent. Now there are times when you can use that in­sta­bil­ity to good ef­fect, but most of the time you want a more sta­ble jack, which is when the Bogert Hi-lift Jack Stabilizer comes into its own.

The Us-based Bogert group of com­pa­nies has spent more than 30 years mak­ing work­places safer and more pro­duc­tive. Their prod­ucts, de­signed for farm­ers, the mil­i­tary and many other ap­pli­ca­tions and in­dus­tries, serve four-wheel driv­ers just as well and are ev­ery bit as ap­pro­pri­ate.

The kit con­sists of a large, flat plate which the Hi-lift Jack’s base clips into, while two air­craft-grade cables with brack­ets and quick-re­lease pins help sta­bilise the jack. I’ve found the plate is good to use on soft ground with any jack.

Once you have slot­ted the jack into the base plate and con­nected the cables to the jack via a quick-re­lease bracket, it’s ready to use. you’ll find it makes the jack a lot more sta­ble and, there­fore, a lot safer. It’ll give you years of use – prob­a­bly for about as long as the Hi-lift Jack does.

Base of the jack clips into the large, flat plate for in­creased sta­bil­ity.

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