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THERE are about three mil­lion rea­sons why rope is a bet­ter op­tion than wire for a 12V winch – in fact, its only down­fall is that it doesn’t hold up to abra­sion as well as steel ca­ble. Join­ing winch rope to­gether is in­cred­i­bly easy, and it’s the tech­nique used by man­u­fac­tur­ers to put loops in the end of rope to hold a bow shackle or hook. While it might look solid, winch rope is al­ready made of in­di­vid­ual strands all en­twined to­gether with a hol­low core. If you grab a sec­tion of rope and bunch it up you’ll see not only the hol­low core but that the in­di­vid­ual strands sep­a­rate. It’s these sep­a­ra­tions, and the hol­low core, that you’ll take ad­van­tage of.

The process is sim­ple. Over­lap the two lengths by around 300mm. Weave one in and out of the other at 30mm in­ter­vals three times before open­ing the cen­tre up and slid­ing the tail in­side. Re­peat the process on the other end. A hol­low pen tube taped to the end of the rope will let it slide eas­ier.

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