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THERE’S not a lot that can go wrong with high-lift jacks. Knock-off im­ports can strug­gle with bind­ing due to the stan­dard (the spine) bend­ing and bind­ing on the run­ner. If that hap­pens you’re gen­er­ally out of luck. Short of that there’s very lit­tle to go wrong, so it makes for a sim­ple bush re­pair.

In 90 per cent of sit­u­a­tions bind­ing in the up or down di­rec­tion is a case of the two climb­ing pins be­ing ei­ther clogged with con­tam­i­nants from use or catch­ing on rust. Clean­ing before and af­ter use with a fresh squirt of sil­i­cone spray will pre­vent this, but if it hap­pens in the bush a squirt with de­greaser is of­ten enough to get things mov­ing freely.

High-lift jacks can be over­loaded and will fail. To pre­vent them from crash­ing down there’s a sheer pin in the han­dle that will fail before the climb­ing pins. They act as the fuse, so if that blows re­place it and re­con­sider your loads. Us­ing a stronger bolt will make the climb­ing pins the weak point, which could have deadly re­sults.

High-lift jacks are sim­ple. If the stan­dard is straight, the pins cleaned and lubed, and the cross pins and springs work­ing, it will work.

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