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A BRO­KEN or lost bow shackle isn’t ex­actly a com­mon sit­u­a­tion. They’re in­cred­i­bly strong, so you’ll gen­er­ally be fine. That said, they play an in­te­gral part of a winch or snatch re­cov­ery, and with­out them you’re dead in the wa­ter. So, what do you do if you don’t have one? The so­lu­tion is rel­a­tively easy; although, you’ll lose 1.5m of winch line for the fun of it.

Run your winch line out and (re­mem­ber­ing the splic­ing tech­nique from before) lop 1.5m off the end before splic­ing in a new loop. With the length you’ve cut out you can make a soft shackle. Es­sen­tially the tech­nique in­volves halv­ing the rope and then feed­ing one length through the other, then pop­ping it out half­way to make a lan­yard knot. The outer sheath can slide, open­ing and clos­ing the hole. It’s sim­ple stuff, but best prac­ticed be­fore­hand. The tighter the knot, the stronger the shackle will be. They won’t work as well as the store-bought op­tions, but done right are more than strong enough for a re­cov­ery.

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