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DE­PEND­ING on the brand of your winch, the con­troller could rate any­where be­tween “sturdy as an ox” and “what the hell is this”. Un­for­tu­nately for those with the lat­ter they’re in­cred­i­bly easy to break, with a drop on a hard sur­face or in a stray pud­dle all it takes to fin­ish them off for good. If you don’t have back-up in-cab con­trols, or sim­ply can’t find your con­trol in the first place, you’ll be stuck track­side with a work­ing winch and no way to ac­tu­ally make it work.

If you’re run­ning a winch with a mod­ern so­le­noid set-up, they’re ac­tu­ally in­cred­i­bly easy to jerry-rig your­self. Pop the cover off the con­trol box and you’ll usu­ally find four wires. One will send power to the con­troller; one will con­nect to the neg­a­tive ter­mi­nal on your bat­tery; and the other two will send power to the cor­re­spond­ing ter­mi­nal for winch­ing in and winch­ing out. In mod­ern solenoids the mid­dle tab needs to be con­nected to the neg­a­tive ter­mi­nal of your bat­tery, with pos­i­tive go­ing to one of the oth­ers.

If your winch wiring is as bad as this, fail­ure can’t be far away.

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