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UN­USU­ALLY this VW fam­ily en­gine is a 90-de­gree V6, rather than the more com­mon 60-de­gree V6. It’s a DOHC, 24-valve de­sign where the cams are chainand not belt-driven, and it em­ploys com­mon-rail in­jec­tion (at 2000-bar) and a sin­gle vari­able-ge­om­e­try turbo. Changes spe­cific to the Amarok in­clude a larger sump for added oil ca­pac­ity and stronger pis­tons spe­cially de­signed to cope with the de­mands of high­load, low-rpm op­er­a­tion. The Amarok’s V6 also comes with the lat­est emis­sions tech in­clud­ing Ad­blue and a DPF, and it’s al­ready ahead of the game with re­gards to lo­cal emis­sions com­pli­ance.

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