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RE­SPOND­ING to claims made by Mercedes-benz that its X-class ute will be the most pow­er­ful ute in the seg­ment, Volk­swa­gen will give its V6 TDI Amarok a power and torque up­grade. The Amarok Aven­tura con­cept is promis­ing 190kw and an undis­closed in­crease in torque from its 3.0-litre V6 en­gine. The same VW V6 al­ready pro­duces 190kw and 580Nm in other Volk­swa­gen Group ve­hi­cles such as the Porsche Ma­can. The V6 TDI Amarok cur­rently makes 180kw (only avail­able on over­boost) and 550Nm. The V6 X-class is claimed to pro­duce 190kw and 550Nm.

There’s no word yet if and when the boosted VW will go on sale, but the Aven­tura has been used as a top-spec model in the past so we’re ex­pect­ing it some­time next year, pos­si­bly timed to steal some of the X-class’s thun­der.

VW Aus­tralia said at the time of the V6 TDI Amarok’s Aus launch that other vari­ants of the V6 would come on­line in 2018, in­clud­ing a man­ual ver­sion with low-range trans­fer case, as well as the pos­si­bil­ity of lower states of en­gine tune. Cur­rently, the V6 Amarok is only avail­able with an eight-speed auto and full-time, sin­gle-range 4x4. The man­ual Amarok would be part-time dual-range 4x4.

In Europe, the V6 TDI is also avail­able in 120kw and 150kw guises, and one of these could be em­ployed in an Amarok Core model as an en­try level to the V6 range in Aus­tralia. One thing is for sure: the top end of the 4x4 ute class is go­ing to be hot prop­erty in 2018, and we can’t wait to drive them.

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