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NO DREAMS are out of reach – just ask the team at Amer­i­can Ve­hi­cle Spe­cial­ists (AVS) and you can go be­yond the norm and end up be­hind the wheel of some­thing like this uber-tough Toy­ota TRD Tun­dra. Yep, we know – Aussies are un­for­tu­nately not given the chance to buy these big rigs through lo­cal Toy­ota deal­ers, but AVS can sort out a right­hand drive ver­sion that looks and per­forms no dif­fer­ent from the ones that trun­dle around US tracks. They can even go one almighty big step fur­ther and tweak the stan­dard rig to pro­duce some­thing like this.

This Tun­dra is a one-off pro­ject from AVS and sports a raft of mods, not the least be­ing the su­per­charged 5.7-litre V8 petrol en­gine. In stock form the Tun­dra’s ‘reg­u­lar’ 284kw-543nm 5.7litre V8 is im­pres­sive, but AVS thought a bit more stonk was nec­es­sary, fit­ting a Mag­nu­son su­per­charger (cour­tesy of VCM Per­for­mance), pushing power to 410kw and torque to a heady 745Nm. A TRD twin stain­less steel ex­haust sys­tem lets you know all about it, too.

Not want­ing to stop there, AVS set to work on the body it­self. This matte black bruiser is 230mm wider than the stock Tun­dra, cour­tesy of a set of Fiber­w­erx re­place­ment guards. AVS then widened the wheel track by 120mm via fit­ment of a long-travel sus­pen­sion setup that pretty much ditched all the stock gear. Pro Comp 2.75-inch body in­ter­nal by­pass coilover dampers (which up the ride height by four inches) sport ex­ter­nal reser­voirs and work with re­place­ment cast al­loy up­per and lower con­trol arms, with more ro­bust ball joints en­abling a huge 350mm of wheel travel up front. Ad­di­tional work on the front end in­cludes ex­tended CV shafts and tie-rod ex­ten­sions.

The rear end copped a sim­i­lar work­ing over; a Pro Comp kit lifts it by four inches, with ad­di­tional leaf springs and longer shack­les, com­bin­ing with a 2.5-inch damper, be­hind the


height gain. AVS filled those huge guards with a set of 35-inch Toyo Open Coun­try M/TS, wrapped around XD Mon­ster 20x9 al­loy wheels.

Us-based Rock Slide En­gi­neer­ing were the go-to for the Tun­dra bar­work; the heavy-duty plate alu­minium front bar houses an Iron­man 4x4 12,000lb winch and it has pro­vi­sion for LED light­ing in the cen­tre and at ei­ther wing. Speak­ing of light­ing up, a re­place­ment Rigid In­dus­tries grille sports a 20-inch Rigid In­dus­tries E-series light bar in the cen­tre and D-series LEDS on each wing. Re­place­ment front head­lights and rear tail-lights are cour­tesy of Spy­der Auto.

Oh, and the sch­mick paint-job? Rob at RK Restora­tions waved his spray can over the big Toy­ota and the matte black wrap was ap­plied by Ex­otic Graph­ics. It seems we’re back in black, in­deed...

If you’ve al­ways wanted a big US truck but thought it was out of the ques­tion – think again.


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