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I re­ally en­joy read­ing your mag­a­zine and as a 72-year-old gamer, I love to keep up with your re­views on the lat­est tech­nol­ogy and gam­ing gear.

My pri­mary rea­son for writ­ing is in re­la­tion to head­phone/head­set re­views. I have lost count of the num­ber of per­fectly good head­sets I have had to scrap due to the un­avail­abil­ity of re­place­ment ear pro­tec­tors. This is an item that in­vari­ably wears out long be­fore the need to re­place the head­set.

May I humbly sug­gest that some back­ground re­gard­ing re­place­ment parts be in­cluded in your re­views if pos­si­ble, ei­ther from the sup­plier or third par­ties. Jimmy Match­ett


I man­aged to make three games and put them on­line at agent­ af­ter read­ing your tu­to­rial about mak­ing games in Unity. I was won­der­ing why that tu­to­rial hasn’t ex­panded into many more parts? I would have re­ally liked to have learnt more about Unity with maybe some C# script­ing.

Em­manuel Har­ish Menon Ed replies: The Unity guide was in­tended as a one-off, but we’d def­i­nitely like to do more on game cre­ation down the track. Stay tuned.


In your De­cem­ber is­sue, you in­cluded some com­ments and in­struc­tions about Linux. I would like to share my hum­ble ex­pe­ri­ence.

For many rea­sons, I de­cided to dump Win­dows. Be­ing not even re­motely in­ter­ested in Ap­ple, the an­swer was Linux. I was im­pressed and over the moon that I found an al­ter­na­tive. I tried many dis­tros and found that Linux is gen­er­ally bril­liant.

How­ever, Linux is still be­hind in one area — video edit­ing. There are many soft­ware op­tions to do that. I tried many of them, if not all. The best is Avide­mux, which still falls be­hind the soft­ware avail­able in Win­dows. I thought it was only me, un­til I read a re­view on Linux mag­a­zine, where the Linux ex­perts con­fessed to the su­pe­ri­or­ity of Win­dows-based soft­ware in that re­gard. I record movies, doc­u­men­taries and other pro­grams and I like to cut out the ads. While Avide­mux can han­dle the job, it’s not par­tic­u­larly user-friendly.

An­other piece of soft­ware that’s not em­u­lated well is Mi­crosoft Of­fice. King­soft WPS seems closer than Li­breOf­fice to com­pet­ing with Mi­crosoft’s suite, but it’s still not quite there yet. So can I drop Win­dows all to­gether in favour of Linux? Not yet, un­for­tu­nately.

Dr Mo­ham­mad Ha­jarat


I have a cou­ple of re­quests for fu­ture ar­ti­cles. They may not fit un­der your usual ed­i­to­rial purview but I was won­der­ing if you could look at: ≠≠ Soft­ware con­tainer­i­sa­tion, such as Docker. See­ing there are dock­ers for Rasp­berry Pi, it may fit your ed­i­to­rial pol­icy and would be in­ter­est­ing — a guide to set­ting up a Docker im­age and de­ploy to have sev­eral run­ning at the same time. ≠≠ Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google and so on). Maybe do a com­par­i­son of where they’re at re­gard­ing fea­tures and ease of use. Not sure how you’d jus­tify what’s more of a cor­po­rate IT tech­nol­ogy — maybe just as a gen­eral in­ter­est thing. I’d be keen to read the opin­ions on their cur­rent state and where they’re go­ing by your ex­perts. Stuart Boy­dell

Ed replies: Good sug­ges­tions, Stuart — con­tain­ers is def­i­nitely some­thing that’s on our to-do list and we’ll see if we can work a cloud-provider com­par­i­son in some­where, too.

You too can de­sign spiffy mous­tached chaps us­ing Unity.

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